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HJ Andrews Symposium History of Ideas: Forest Structure and Dynamics

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Forest Structure Presenter: Jerry Franklin
Length: 27 min 36 s

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  • In 1968...
  • In February 1977...
  • Ecological Characteristics of Old-Growth Douglas-fir Forests
  • But, among other things, did not include...
  • Embarrassment (and Epiphany)
  • Epiphany!
  • Advances in Canopy Research
  • Wildlife habitat studies (Spies comes to town!)
  • New synthesis of forest structural development
  • What are the key elements/forest structure...?
  • Natural forests are structurally complex throughout their development
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic are inextricably linked
  • Functions
  • Spatial pattern evolves during forest development
  • All late-successional temperate forests are similar structurally
  • What drove advances?
  • Were old ideas overthrown or has it been an incremental growth of ideas?
  • Is our knowledge of forest structure now complete?
  • Ripe for Breakthroughs
  • The epiphanies continue!