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HJ Andrews Symposium History of Ideas: Forest-Stream Interactions

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Forest-Stream Presenter: Sherri Johnson
Length: 24 min 04 s

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  • Many researchers have contributed to these ideas
  • Synonymous terms?
  • So many topics!
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Interdisciplinary research on Forest- Stream Interactions
  • Forest harvest and changes in energy inputs
  • Forest-stream interactions: forest harvest and stream temperature
  • Effects of harvest on stream temperature
  • Models of stream temperature increases following clearcutting
  • Hyporheic flows, water travel time and stream temperature
  • Stream temperature across the landscape
  • International Biological Program
  • Riparian vegetation and energy inputs: Organic matter
  • Organic inputs into WS 10
  • Fluxes out of WS 10
  • Large Organic Materials
  • IBP Book
  • Wood Research
  • Comparisons of wood dynamics in streams of increasing sizes
  • Continued research on wood dynamics
  • Source areas for wood inputs?
  • Zones of Riparian Influence
  • Wood inputs to streams as a function of distance from channel
  • Modeling Wood Delivery
  • An Ecosystem Perspective of Riparian Zones
  • Map of valley floor of lookout creek
  • Hyporheic flows through riparian areas and along channels
  • Geomorphic roles of instream wood
  • Disturbances
  • Legacies of prior floods and disturbances
  • Flood effects and response to debris flow
  • Legacies of prior floods and disturbances
  • Legacies of repeated debris flows
  • Andrews forest-stream research instrumental in riparian management
  • Research findings incorporated into forest management
  • Building on prior knowledge and continued research at sites
  • What's next?