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The Biology of Culvert Barriers: Thinking Outside the Pipe - Invasive Species and Priorities for Fish Passage Barriers

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Thinking outside the Pipe Presenter: Jason Dunham
Length: 2 parts, 14 min and 38 s

View: Part 1 | Part 2


       Part 1

  • Thinking Outside the Pipe
  • Why is This a Good Culvert
  • Invasive Brook Trout
  • Issues for Prioritization
  • Need for Prioritization
  • Defining Restoration Priorities
  • Risk to fish populations
  • Barrier Threats: Decreased Population Size
  • Loss of Life History Opportunities
  • Loss of Connectivity
  • Increased Vulnerability
  • Wildfire and Salmonid Persistence Model
  • Where do Barriers Pose the Biggest Threats
  • Erosion Dam Photo
  • Persistence: A Matter of Space and Time
  • Genetic Responses to Barriers in Salmonines

       Part 2

  • Best Potentially Occupied Habitats Upstream of Barriers
  • Willamette Basin Steelhead Chart
  • Where are Nonnative Invasions a Concern
  • Brook Trout Invasions
  • Assessment Tree
  • To Barrier or Not to Barrier
  • Examples: Not a Threat
  • Examples: A Threat
  • Isolation is a Bigger Theat than Invasion
  • Beyond Priorities
  • Research Needs