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Design and Evaluation of Three Stream Sim Culverts in South Central Oregon

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Sim CulvertsPresenter: Michele Reba
Length: 3 Parts, 25 min 52 s

View: Part 1 | Part 2


       Part 1

  • Fish Passage
  • Fish Passage Barriers
  • Stream Sim Culvert
  • Review of Stream Sim Culverts
  • Objectives
  • Reference Map for Research Sites
  • Guyer Creek
  • North Fork Silver Creek
  • West Fork Silver Creek
  • Design Elements
  • Longitudinal Profile
  • Data Collection
  • Improvement Over Old Pipes
  • Outlet Drop
  • Inlet Drop
  • Streambed Roughness
  • Compare Stream Sim Culverts to Natural Stream
  • Stream Processes not Available in a Stream Sim Culvert

       Part 2

  • Thalweg Average Velocity
  • Thalweg Average Velocity of Riffles
  • Average Thalweg Velocity
  • Cross-Sectional Velocity
  • Velocity Distribution
  • Three Creek Graphs
  • Streambed Material
  • Contiguous Riffle
  • Channel Stability
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • Conclusions