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Options for Natural Resource Management under a Changing Climate

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Impacts and Uncertainties Presenter: Linda Joyce
Length: 34 min and 22 s

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  • Options for Natural Resource Management under a Changing Climate
  • In the Past,
  • Usual Cast of Characters
  • Observers of the Natural World
  • What Have Natural Resource Managers Been Doing
  • Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Planning and Policy
  • On-the-Ground Movement
  • Past and Current Management Activities
  • Synthesis of Observations, Experiments, Models
  • Climate Change 2007
  • Additional IPCC Reports
  • Adaptiation in Human Systems
  • Broad Categories
  • Unplanned Response to Climate Change
  • Assumptions in Current Management Premises
  • Planned Reaction to Changing Disturbances
  • Altered Disturbance Regimes
  • Precipitation Patterns Are Changing
  • Earlier Onset of Spring Snowmelt and Less Snowpack
  • Anticipatory, proactively respond to climate changes
  • Reframing Management Strategies
  • Create and Increase Resistance
  • Create Resilience
  • Respond to Climate Influences
  • Expand Genetic Diversity Guidelines
  • Use Redundancy
  • Realign Conditions to Current Dynamics
  • Mitigation
  • Main Points