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Climate Change, Uncertainty and Forecasts of Global to Landscape Ecosystem Dynamics

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Impacts and Uncertainties Presenter: Ronald P. Neilson
Length: 40 min and 40 s

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  • Climate Change, Uncertainty and
  • Future Climate
  • Simulated Historical Vegetation
  • Simulated Annual Global Mean
  • Assessments of Future Climate
  • The Earth's Surface Temperature
  • The Low End of Some Models
  • The Uncertainties are Often
  • Global Assessments
  • Uncertainties are Often
  • LPJ DGVM Risk Analysis
  • Fire Increases Across the Western
  • What will happen to Timber
  • New Simulated Vegetation Type
  • Can Species Keep Up with Climate
  • Future Climate Managing for Change
  • Where is all the Excess Wood
  • Water-limited Carrying Capacity
  • Observed and Simulated Fire Area
  • Average Biomass Burned Historical
  • Average Biomass Burned Future
  • 16 Climate Scenarios
  • Water Resources
  • Current Vegetation (1961-1990)
  • Eastern Deciduous Forest
  • Future Woody and Grass Expansion
  • Community Diversity
  • Species Migration
  • Change with Uncertainty
  • San Francisco Peaks
  • 4 Months Later
  • A California Assessment
  • Three Future Scenarios
  • Change in Annual Area Burned
  • Interdecadal Climate Variability
  • Glacier National Park
  • Management Toolbox
  • Management Implications