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Impacts and Uncertainties of Climate Change on Stream Habitats and Fish Communinties

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Impacts and Uncertainties Presenter: Dan Isaak
Length: 27 min and 49 s

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  • Impacts and Uncertainties of Climate Change on Stream Habitats and Fish Communities
  • Talk Outline
  • Earth Surface Temperature Variations for...
  • The Past 650,000 Years
  • Projected by 2050
  • Species Phenologies and Distribution are Shifting
  • Western US - Observed Patterns
  • Total Winter Precipitation
  • Declining Spring Snowpack
  • Earlier Stream Runoff
  • Increasing Fire Severity
  • Predicted Temperature Increases
  • Western Landscapes are Highly Dynamic...
  • Sediment Regimes - Fire Effects
  • Pine Beetle Die-offs
  • Hydrologic Regimes - Altered Peak Flow
  • Altered Peak Flows
  • Decreasing Baseflows
  • Thermal Regimes
  • Boise River Basin
  • How Will Species React?
  • Spatial Structure and Life History Diversity
  • Temporal Structure
  • Remnant Populations and Fragmented Stream Networks
  • Linking Climate Change and Fish
  • Prospective Analysis
  • What If Games
  • Upper End Projection
  • Non-uniform Spatial Response
  • Mechanistic Modeling Approaches
  • How Will Global Change Affect...
  • Biophysical Integration Needed
  • Contectual Prioritization
  • Where can Management Make a Difference
  • Vulnerability to Climate Change
  • Bolstering Resistence/Resilience
  • Spatial Structure
  • Spatial Structure
  • Connectivity
  • Diversity
  • Summary
  • US Forest Service RMRS