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Roads Riparian Restoration: Bridges

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BridgesPresenter: Terry Warhol
Length: 9 min 10 s

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  • Bridges Applications and Considerations
  • Least Common Type of Drainage Structure
  • Safest Type of Crossing
  • Bridges Provide Access Over Otherwise Inaccessible Areas
  • Bridges Can Protect Riparian Areas
  • Can Restore Riparian Areas
  • Bridges Can Prevent Wildlife Fragmentation
  • Considerations for Bridges
  • Bridge Limitations
  • Control Points on a Stream
  • Footings are Exposed
  • Water Will Do Work when Given Increased Energy or Velocity
  • Crossing not the Low Spot
  • Streams Like to Meander
  • More Water Doing its Work
  • Outcomes and Benefits
  • Woody Debris Waiting to Move
  • Old Wooden Bridge with Many Repairs
  • Replacement Bridge
  • Alternative and Complimentary Techniques