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A portable electronic presentation is an online \ offline interactive learning resource
representing key scientific talks in an on-demand rich media format.

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Advancing the Fundamental Sciences: Forests and Water in Light of Scientific Investigation

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The Greatest Good Presenter: Paul K. Barten. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Forest Resources University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Length: 2 parts, 44 min and 29 s

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       Part 1

  • Raphael Zon
  • Some of Zon's findings
  • Henry Graves
  • Joseph G. Cannon
  • Scientific Beginnings
  • More Science
  • Sad but true
  • Another age of propaganda?
  • The Illusion of Preservation
  • So whats the problem?
  • So whats the problem cont...
  • Ashokan Reservoir
  • Catskill Forest Preserve
  • People follow roads follow streams
  • Population growth
  • Forest dependent species
  • "...All is changed"
  • The water balance
  • Hydrological cycle
  • Hydro-illogical cycle
  • The water balance
  • Forest cover and ET
  • The Good Olde Days?

       Part 2

  • Land use effects on stormflow
  • "...all is changed"
  • Forest influences on hydrology
  • Riparian areas
  • Quotes
  • Which way?
  • Camp Pond, CN
  • Forests and Water
  • Zon's scorecard
  • Research and monitoring messages
  • Following in their foosteps...