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Roads Riparian Restoration: Aquatic Passing at Road Crossings

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Influence of Low Volume RoadsPresenter: Jim Doyle
Length: 2 Parts, 20 min 31 s

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       Part 1

  • Aquatic Passage at Road Crossings Treatments
  • Aquatic Passage at Road Crossings Application
  • Roads Present Problems for Fish and Other Aquatic Organisms
  • How Culverts Block Fish Passage
  • Jump Height
  • Insufficient Water Depth
  • Excessive Velocities Inside Culvert
  • The Bottom-line Problem Is...
  • The Problems Needs an Interdisciplinary Solution
  • Planning Steps
  • Step 1- ID the Problem and Establish the Objectives
  • Types of Migration Barriers
  • Other Species to Consider Besides Fish
  • Step 2- Assessment and Analysis
  • Assessing at Different Spatial Scales
  • Assessment at Higher Spatial Scales
  • Results of Culvert Fish Passage Coarse Screen Inventory
  • Step 3 and 4
  • Geomorphic Risks and Concerns

Part 2

  • Site Hydrology- Fish Passage Flows
  • Channel Geomorphic and Hydrologic Considerations
  • Channel Hydraulic Considerations
  • Basically Three Design Options
  • Stream Simulation Using Nature as the Standard
  • Step 6- Construction
  • Common Types of Retrofits (2)
  • Second Type of Treatment
  • Design and Construction Considerations for Open Bottom Arches
  • Construction- Third Type of Treatment
  • General Construction Considerations
  • Other Construction Considerations
  • Step 7- Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Intensive Site Monitoring
  • Extensive Site Monitoring
  • Monitoring- Let it Be Creative and Fun
  • FishXing
  • Aquatic Organism Passage at Road-Stream Crossings
  • Wildlife Crossings