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Aquatic Ecology: Considerations

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Aquatic Ecology Presenter: Pete Bisson
Length: 20 min and 24 s

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  • Aquatic Ecology Consideration
  • Summary of Topics
  • Migration Requirements
  • Generalized Salmonid Life Cycle
  • Eggs and Larvae
  • Fry Emergence
  • Salmon Fry are Weak
  • Winter Flows
  • Winter Migrations
  • Winter Rearing Conditions
  • Winter Habitats
  • Smolt Migration
  • Adult Salmon Growth
  • Salmon Spawning
  • Salmon Pair Up
  • Death and Nutrients
  • Other Organisms
  • Dace And Sculpin
  • Sucker and Lamprey
  • Frogs
  • Salamanders
  • Aquatic Invertebrates
  • Roads and Ecological Processes
  • Drainage Area and Sediment Budget
  • Floodplain Connectivity
  • Examples of Passage Problems
  • Too Long Too Small Too Steep
  • Trash Racks
  • Leaving Barriers in Place
  • Examples of Passable Crossings