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Using GIS and Scale Linking to Set Priorities for Culvert Replacements in the Tualatin Basin, Oregon

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GISPresenter: Jill Ory
Length: 15 min 54 s

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  • Why Set Priorities
  • ...Over 1200 Culverts in Basin
  • Data Collected for Each Culvert
  • Could- Should- Can
  • Where We Are
  • Glacial Dams and the Bretz Floods
  • Historical Land Surveys- 1850
  • Current Land Use
  • Objectives of Watershed Analysis and Culvert Priority Setting
  • Native Cutthroat Trout
  • Some of the Best Habitat in our Jurisdiction
  • Creeks in Area with Less Impervious Cover
  • Chicken and Cedar Creek Habitat Examples
  • Tualatin Basin Substrate
  • Good Tree Canopy Cover
  • ...Compared to the Whole Basin
  • Large Wood and Debris Jams
  • Compared to the Whole...
  • Zooming In...
  • Basin Supports Some of Best Trout and Steelhead Habitat
  • Many Culverts that are Barriers
  • Zooming In to Evaluate Culverts
  • Limiting Substrate is Clay Substrate
  • Screen Out Short Length Culverts
  • Further Examine and Rank Remaining Culverts
  • In Conclusion