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Genetic and Silvicultural Foundations for Management

Oak Studies

Links to information related to Acorn Production Study

The following links will help you in filling out the survey form or will provide more information about Quercus garryana (Oregon white oak/Garry oak).

Services (Bibliographic and Maps)

For a searchable database of Oregon white oak literature:

For help in locating your site on a map or air photo, try the following web sites:
This site has air photo coverage at 1-m resolution.  Coverage is nearly complete for western Washington, fairly complete for California, but there is only a little coverage for western Oregon or British Columbia.

This site will generate street address maps.  It is especially well-suited to urban sites.

Biology, Ecology and Management

Forest info web page contains forestry and related news and information about the San Juan Islands in Washington. Information on Oregon white oak can be found in the Presettlement Forest section.

For information on acorn seed biology see: Biology and Technology of Quercus.pdf

For descriptive characteristics and habitat information for British Columbia

For information on Quercus garryana in California

For info on effect of water gradient on gas exchange, water use, and physiology:

For information about oak culture

USDA National Resource Conservation Service (type Oregon white oak in Common Name box)

For information on phylogeography

Identification (Photographs and Taxonomy)

For color photos of Quercus garryana visit:

For additional information about biology, ecology, or management of Quercus garryana visit:

For descriptive characteristics and photographs

For descriptive characteristics, see Dendrology at Virginia Tech. Web Pages/Koenig Web Pages/AcrnSyncPoster/AcornCountSynch.html


For information on Quercus garryana in California
California Oak Foundation

The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team Page. Canadian efforts to conserve and restore garry oak ecosystems.

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