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Oak Studies

Quercus garryana Acorn Production Study

Survey Results

Data Forms and Instructions

Welcome to the Quercus garryana (Oregon White Oak/Garry Oak) Acorn Production Study web page. We are seeking volunteers to help with this study and invite you to consider participating. We hope you will find the survey enjoyable and informative. A large network of surveyors is the best way to gather information over a large geographic area. Your help would be much appreciated.

We want to determine:

  • How common good and bad years are for acorn production.
  • If acorn production is related to the characteristics on the survey form.
  • How much variation there is from place to place in acorn crops.

This information will help us interpret the way oaks respond to their environment and provide information important to understanding many kinds of wildlife that use acorns for food.

The survey has 2 types of information:

  • Information that should be easy for anyone to gather. (Enclosed in bold boxes on the survey form).
  • Information easiest for a forester or other "tree" person to determine as they would have the equipment handy (like measuring the height of a tree).

If there are individuals, schools or organizations that you think would be interested in participating in this data collection please share the forms and information with them or suggest they check our web site (

Data Forms and Instructions

If you would like to participate, data collection forms and instructions are available by clicking on the links below.

Additional oak links

If you have any questions about the survey please feel free to contact:

David Peter
Olympia Forestry Sciences Laboratory
3625 93rd Ave. SW
Olympia, WA. 98512-9193
Phone: 360-753-7654

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