Recommended Teacher or Parent Links The Nature Conservancy’s official website that describes what and where they work, special conservation projects of the moment and much more.  It is really fantastic.  I recommend getting their magazine that contains the latest work of theirs, too. USDA Forest Service’s official website which describes their different work from all over the United States as well as great forestry news.  You would also be interested in something called the Natural Inquirer with a new version biannually, which answers different FAQs. It has many good links and much more. A great source of forestry news updated several times a day from around the world.  It also lets you know of interesting events in the near future and teaches you about several different programs. This is a good page for teacher or older kids interested in on-trail activities, little quiz and edible wild things.  It also has a section especially for teachers who would like some detailed project plans (for classrooms) dealing especially with trees. The National Wildlife Federation’s official site.  It has info about their conservation of endangered species or any big news about such.  It also describes what they’re doing at the moment, how to get environmentally educated and much more! A well done report on Washington State’s different tree seeds by a second grader [PDF format].

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