Quiz on The Terrific Trees!!

How much have you learned?

True or False?

1. Most coniferous trees lose their needles in autumn.

2. Without oxygen-breathing animals, trees would thrive.

3. Chlorophyll is a chemical in the roots that soaks in nutrients from the surrounding soil.

4. Most hardwoods are deciduous.

5. Deciduous tree’s leaves turn brown during the winter and become green again in the spring without falling off.

6. Sunlight, water and carbon dioxide are very important in a tree’s survival.

7. Some conifers are called evergreens because they smell a little bit like mint.

8. Branches act as mini trunks because they also deliver nutrients to other tree parts.

9. The little holes in tree bark “breathe” in large amounts of air for the tree.

10. Flowers on trees have not yet been found to be useful to the tree; they only are decoration.

Text Box: Answers: 1.False 2.False 3.False 4.True 5.False 6.True     7. False 8.True     9. False 10.False

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