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Natural Resource News

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Issues Available Online

Fall 1999, Volume 9 number 4 (PDF, 489kb)

Has the BMNRI Made a Difference?; Head of Steam; BMEI Celebrates 10 Years of Project Accomplishments; Remembrances of BMNRI; more....

Summer 1999, Volume 9 number 3 (PDF, 600kb)

Citizen Involvement in Natural Resource Management; Resource conservation; Resource challenges; War on Weeds; more....

Spring 1999, Volume 9 number 2 (PDF, 1.6mb)

Sustainable Water; Oregon Water Code; Groundwater; Hydropower Relicensing; more...

Winter 1999, Volume 9 number 1 (PDF, 465kb)

SmallWood '98 Conference notes; Green marketing; Supply/harvest issues; Small-diameter stand research; more...

Fall 1998, Volume 8 number 4 (PDF, 440kb)

Special forest products; elk productivity; sustainability of native plants; food uses of indigenous peoples; more...

Summer, 1998, Volume 8 number 3 (PDF, 520kb)

Kingdoms in the Blues; fungal agents; soil nutrient cycling; mushrooms; SmallWood '98; more...

Spring, 1998, Volume 8 number 1 (PDF, 686kb)

The Courage to Manage; effects of timber harvest on watersheds; Community—An Environmental Perspective; more...

Fall, 1997, Volume 7 number 4 (PDF, 800kb)

Wilderness areas of the Blue Mountains; wilderness stewardship; noxious weeds "Wanted Posters"; publications of interest; more...

Summer, 1997, Volume 7 number 3 (PDF, 605kb)

Restoration with fire; salvage after fire; cavity nesters and fire; beetles and fire; prescribed underburning and soil; more...

June, 1997, Salmonids in Peril: Ecology and Management of Blue Mountain Native Fisheries (PDF, 864kb)

This special edition focuses on the life cycles of salmonid species native to the Blue Mountains, as well as the history, interaction with human culture, habitat needs, mainstem passage issues, and recovery efforts.

Spring, 1997, Volume 7 number 2 (PDF, 592kb)

Beaver; Swainson's hawks; riparian habitat for birds; Science Team report; moving elk; more...

Winter, 1996, Volume 7 number 1 (PDF, 662kb)

Putting Science to Work; Landscape ecology and management topics seminars; Interior Columbia Basin EMP updates; more...

Fall, 1996, Volume 6 number 4 (PDF, 218kb)

Monitoring of Watersheds, rangelands, landscapes, timber, wildlife, noxious weeds; more...

July, 1996, Timber Harvest for Forest Health Seminar Series (PDF, 865kb)

This special edition explores the role of timber harvesting as one way to manipulate forest vegetation in the attempt to improve forest health.

Summer, 1996, Volume 6 number 3 (PDF, 382kb)

Principles of livestock grazing; electronic eartags; riparian management; more...

Spring 1996, Volume 6 number 2 (HTML, 63kb)

American martens; watershed councils; amphibian populations; bat roosts; forest congress; more... (NOTE: This issue is not available in pdf format)

Winter 1995, Volume 6 number 1 (PDF, 371kb)

Road closures, and their effect on wildlife, water, and the public; more...

Fall 1995, Volume 5 number 4 (PDF, 961kb)

New harvesting techniques; Nez Perce ecosystem management; native deer and elk; more...

Summer 1995, Volume 5 number 3 (HTML, 48kb)

Economic renewal; forest biomass; new ideas for business; public finance programs; more... (NOTE: This issue is not available in pdf format)

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