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Forest health in the Blue Mountains region: the case for a collaborative approach. [ Tech Note No. 5 (PDF, 32k) ]

by S. Daniels and G. Walker


A recent chapter on the economic and social considerations of forest health in the Blue Mountains region of northeastern Oregon/southwestern Washington (Blatner et al.) discussed some institutional barriers that may affect our response to the region’s forestry situation. This technical bulletin focuses on one of those potential barriers—our ability to cope with the conflicts that arise related to forest management. The forest health issue has become more controversial over the past year than many observers might have predicted. The large fires during 1994 have created a substantial salvage option, and some voices are calling for rapid and extensive salvaging. By the same token, some view these fires as illustrating the kinds of natural calamities that result from “unhealthy” forests, and are calling for extensive management actions, such as thinning, to reduce the fire risks. The environmental community is largely skeptical, however, and views this as the latest rationalization for continued timber management in areas that they believe have been too heavily modified already. The ability to craft an effective policy response to the current forest health situation will depend on our ability to move beyond these seemingly incompatible positions.

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