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Pacific Northwest Research Station

Pacific Northwest Research Station
1220 SW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

(503) 808-2100

US Forest Service

Land and Ecosystem Management



Our Projects

The Landscape and Ecosystem Management Team increases understanding of ....


Demonstration of Ecosystem Management Options Study

Density Management and Riparian Buffer Study

Forest Dynamics After Thinning and Fuel Reduction

Effects of Reintroducing Fire in Eastside Ponderosa Pine Forests

Siuslaw Thinning and Underplanting for Diversity Study

Timbered Rock Reforestation, Stand Development, and Fuels Study

The Uneven-aged Management Project (UAMP)

Regenerating white spruce in boreal forests of Alaska

Pringle Falls Experimental Forest

The National Fire and Fire Surrogate Study







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US Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Research Station
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