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People Are Part of Ecosystems

People on hiking trail enjoying old-growth forest.People have made their homes in the Pacific Northwest for thousands of years. People look to forests for wood, beauty, clean water, wildlife, and recreation, among other values.


Our values shape the ways we relate to forests. Some people live in or near forests. Others love to visit forests and hike or camp among the trees. Some people hunt or fish, or raft down forest streams. Many of us drink water that comes originally from forests. We all breathe oxygen produced by forest trees.


In modern society, we all use wood and paper. Trees are In understory thinning, equipment removes smaller trees and leaves taller trees to grow.harvested to supply wood for lumber, plywood, paper, and hundreds of other wood products that are in our houses, part of our daily lives, packaging for food, or used in schools and offices. People also plant trees to replace the trees cut and used.



Wood products made from Alaska birch trees.Foresters, wildlife biologists, soil scientists, and other professionals manage most forests in the Pacific Northwest. Forests can be managed for several uses. An old-growth forest is also valuable for some wildlife species, clean water, and some recreation. Young forests are valuable for other wildlife species, as future sources of wood, and also as sources of clean water. Click on some of the forest types to learn more about particular forests in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.


Forest managers invite the public to share their values and Mother and young son exploring the forest.opinions about how forests should be managed. What do you value in forests?


This Web site is a good place to learn more about forests. The best way to learn about forests is to spend some time exploring them. Visit forest trails in the Pacific Northwest to find out about exploring national forests.


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