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Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team


Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team
Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory

400 N 34th Street, Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 732-7800

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Photo from April 3, 2013

Ellen Eberhardt, Technical Information Specialist

Don McKenzie, Research Ecologist

Morris Johnson, Research Ecologist

Ruddy Mell, Research Combustion Engineer

Roger Ottmar, Research Forester

David L. Peterson, Biological Scientist

Bob Vihnanek, Supervisory Forester

Clint Wright, Acting Team Leader, Research Forester



David V. "Sam" Sandberg


Anne Andreu, Research Scientist

Conamara Burke, Forestry Technician

Alina Cansler, Graduate Student

Brooke Cassell, Graduate Student Assistant

Jim Cronan, Research Scientist

Paige Eagle, Research Scientist

Manuel Garcia, Student Assistant

Jessica Halofsky, Research Scientist

Maureen Kennedy, Research Scientist

Alexander Maranghides, Fire Protection Engineer

Kailey Marcinkowski, Research Scientist

Tom Milac, Applied Mathematician

Claudia Munoz, Research Technologist

Rob Norheim, GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst

Maria Petrova, Research Scientist

Susan Prichard, Fire Ecologist

Christina Restaino

Joe Restaino, Research Scientist

David V. Sandberg, Emeritus Scientist

Kjell Swedin, Software Engineer

Tmthspusmen "Spus" Wilder, Forestry Technician

...and the entire AirFire Team

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