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Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team
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Wildland-Urban Fire Dynamics Simulator (WFDS)

Status of WFDS Model Development

Updated x/x/xx

There are currently two ways of representing vegetative fuel in WFDS:

  1. Fuel element model. This model is fully integrated into FDS (links to the executable are also given below). In this approach the vegetation occupies a specified volume  (e.g., trees crowns).  In general, this model is to be used when the grid resolution can span the vegetation with a number of grid cells. Realistic fire spread through grass, or other surface fuels, can be simulated if the computational grid is sufficiently fine.
  2. Boundary fuel model. This model has been incorporated into FDS5 but is undergoing testing. It is limited to surface fuels (e.g., ground cover, grass). Links to the out-dated version, more fully tested version but based on FDS4, are below.

As mentioned above, the procedure for running WFDS is the same as for FDS (only some of the inputs are different as can be seen in the sample input files below). Consult the FDS User Manual and the discussion group if you are having trouble and Ruddy is not available.



We acknowledge funding from the Joint Fire Science Program under Project 07-1-5-08 and 11-2-1-11


Team Lead: Ruddy Mell

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