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Publications on International Studies

General Tropical Publications

Fire Danger Rating in Tropical Ecosystems -- Short Paper
Sandberg, David V.; Alvarado, Ernesto; Ottmar, Roger D.; Vihnanek, Robert. 1999. Fire danger rating in tropical ecosystems. Unpublished.
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Fire Research Assessment in Bolivia -- Report
Sandberg and others. 2002. Fire research assessment in Bolivia. Unpublished.
Full text [.pdf 1.3mb]

FERA's BrasilFire Plans for Work in Brazil

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Forest Service International Programs Semi-Annual Reports to USAID

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Papers and Publications

Understorey Fire Propagation and Tree Mortality on Adjacent Areas to an Amazonian Deforestation Fire
Carvalho, J.A.; Gurgel Veras, C.A.; Alvarado, E.C.; Sandberg, D.C.; Leite, S.J.; Gielow, R.; Rabelo, E.R.C.; Santos, J.C. 2010. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 19(6): 795-799.
Link to paper [.pdf]

Log Smoldering After an Amazonian Deforestation Fire
Rabelo, E.R.C.; Veras, C.A.G.; Carvalho, J.A., Jr.; Alvarado, E.C.; Sandberg, D.V.; Santos, J.C. 2004.
Atmospheric Environment. 38(2004):203-211
Link to paper [.html]

Biomass Fire Consumption and Carbon Release Rates of Rainforest-Clearing Experiments Conducted in Northern Mato Grosso, Brazil
Carvalho, Joao A.; Costa, Fernando S.; Veras, Carlos A. Gurgel; Sandberg, David V.; Alvarado, Ernesto C.; Gielow, Ralf; Serra, Aguinaldo M, Jr.; Santos, Jose C. 2001.
Journal of Geophysical Research. 106(D16):17877-17887.
Link to paper [.pdf]

Brochure on Stereo photo series for quantifying Cerrado fuels in central Brazil--Volume 1.
Ottmar, R.D.; Vihnanek, R.E.; Miranda, H.S.; Sata, M.N.; Andrade, S.M. 2002. Stereo photo series for quantifying Cerrado fuels in central Brazil--Volume 1. Brochure. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Resarch Station.
Full text [.html]
In both Portuguese and English.

Stereo Photo Series for Quantifying Cerrado Fuels in Central Brazil -- Volume I
Ottmar, Roger D.; Vihnanek, Robert E; Miranda, Heloisa S.; Sato, Margarete N.; Andrade, Saulo M.A. 2001. Stereo photo series for quantifying Cerrado fuels in central Brazil -- Volume I. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-519. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 87 p.
In both Portuguese and English. To order, contact Hazel Birrenkott,; phone (206)732-7810.

Development of a Phot[o] Series for Aboveground Biomass in the Brazilian Cerrado [Abstract]
Vihnanek, R.; Ottmar, R.; Miranda, H. 1998.
In: Proceedings, 13th conference on fire and forest meteorology; 1996 October 27-31; Lorne, Australia. Moran, WY: International Association of Wildland Fire.
Abstract [.html]

Logging in Tropical Forest: Literature Review on Ecological Impacts -- Literature Review
Alvarado, Ernesto; Sandberg, David V. 2001. Logging in tropical forest: literature review on ecological impacts. Unpublished.
Full text [.pdf] 1.77 mb

Fire Along the Transition Between the Amazon Forest and the Cerrado Ecosystems
Negreiros, Gustavo Hees de; Sandberg, David; Alvarado, Ernesto; Hinckley, Thomas; Nepstad, Daniel; Pereira, Marcos. 1996.
Presented at: 13th Conference on Fire and Forest Meteorology, 27-31 October 1996, Lorne, Australia.
Full text [.pdf]

Amazon Fire Studies
Slide presentation [.html]


Photo Series for Quantifying Forest Fuels in Mexico: Montane Subtropical Forests of the Sierra Madre del Sur, and Temperate Forests and Montane Shrubland of the Northern Sierra Madre Oriental.
Alvarado-Celistino; Ernesto; Rios, Jorge E. Morifn-Rios; Jardel-Peleaz, Enruiqe J.; Vihnanek, Robert E.; Wright, David K.; Michel-Fuentes, Jose M.; Wright, Clinton S.; Ottmar, Roger D.; Sandberg, David V.; Najera-Diaz, Andres. 2008. Seattle: University of Washington. [Full citation] [ Information on ordering] [Digital photo series]

La Historia del Fuego y su Relación con el Clima.
McKenzie, Donald. 2004.
In: Ruiz, Lourdes Villers; Blanco, Jorge Lopez, eds. Incendios forestales en México: métodos de evaluación. Mexico, D.F.: Universidad Nactional Autónoma de Mexico. 13-28.

Development of Photo Series to Assess Fuels and Flammability for the Protected Areas of Mexico
Semi-Annual Report
October 2001 to July 2002
Full text [.pdf 696kb]

Carbon Emissions from Spring 1998 Fires in Tropical Mexico
Cairns, Michael A.; Hao, Wei Min; Alvarado, Ernesto; Haggerty, Patricia C. 2000. In: Proceedings from The Joint Fire Science Conference and Workshop "Crossing the Millennium: Integrating Spatial Technologies and Ecological Principles for a New Age in Fire Management. Moscow, ID: University of Idaho. Volume 1. 242-248.
Abstract [.html]

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