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June 2014

New Software Combines FCCS, Consume, and FEPS

Evaluation of CONSUME and FOFEM Fuel Consumption Models in Pine and Mixed Hardwood Forests of the Eastern United States

Sharing Forest Service Fire Research with Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction

Assessing Factors That Influences Landscape Fuels Treatment Effectiveness

Smoke Consequences of New Wildfire Regimes Driven by Climate Change

Evaluation of Past-Fire Mosaics on Subsequent Wildfire Behavior, Severity and Management Strategies

Fuel Treatments and Landform Modify Landscape Patterns of Burn Severity in an Extreme Fire Event

FFT Demonstrated to State of Oregon Department of Forestry


April 2014

Don McKenzie Presented Webinar on Consequences of Future Wildfire Smoke

Wildland Fire Emissions, Carbon, and Climate: Modeling Fuel Consumption

Wildland Fire Emissions, Carbon, and Climate: Characterizing Wildland Fuels

Fire Behavior in Masticated Fuels: A Review

Fuel Treatment Prescriptions Alter Spatial Patterns of Wildland Severity around the Wildland-Urban Interface During the Wallow Fire, Arizona, USA.

Documentation of Fire Effects Continues in Colorado

Learning about Fuels and Consumption in the New Jersey Pine Barrens

Fire Laboratories Collaborate to Share Research Results at Conference

Fuel Characteristic Classification System Version 3.0: Technical Documentation

Comparing Algorithms for Estimating Foliar Biomass of Conifers in the Pacific Northwest


January 2014

Field Experiments in Fire Behavior Move to Texas

Leadership in Transition

Report in Preparation on Fuel Treatment Effectiveness in Area Burned by California’s Rim Fire

Fire Behavior in Masticated Fuels: a Review

Fuel Characteristic Classification System Version 3.0: Technical Documentation

RxCADRE Experiment Featured in Fire Science Digest

Climate Change and United States Forests

Summit Fire Research Finds Treatment Effects Variable 15 Years Postfire



November 2013

Report in Preparation on Fuel Treatment Effectiveness in Area Burned by California’s Rim Fire

Don McKenzie Chairs Wildfire Session at American Geophysical Union

Fuel Moisture Influences on Fire-Altered Carbon in Masticated Fuels: an Experimental Study

Surface Fire Intensity Influences Simulated Crown Fire Behavior in Lodgepole Pine Forests with Recent Mountain Pine Beetle-Caused Tree Mortality

Effects of Salvage Logging and Pile-and-Burn on Fuel Loading, Potential Fire Behaviour, Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Tree Growth and Climate in the Pacific Northwest, North America: A Broad-Scale Analysis of Changing Growth Environments

Temporal Carbon Dynamics of Forests in Washington, US: Implications for Ecological Theory and Carbon Management

Integrated Active Fire Retrievals and Biomass Burning Emissions Using Complementary Near-Coincident Ground, Airborne, and Spaceborne Sensor Data


September 2013

Federal Researchers Developing Scale for Wildfire Similar to Those Used for Quakes, Tornadoes

Rim Fire’s Effects Likely to Last for Decades to Come

Rising Sea Levels, Storms Could Devastate Washington Towns

Webinar Panel on Open Space Conservation Includes Panellist Dave Peterson

Two Presentations at the International Smoke Symposium

Development and Mapping of Fuel Characteristics and Associated Fire Potentials in South America

The Relationship of Post-Fire White Ash Cover to Surface Fuel Consumption

Effects of Salvage Logging and Pile-and-Burn on Fuel Loading, Potential Fire Behaviour, Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Fuel Consumption Models for Pine Flatwoods Fuel Types in the Southeastern United States

U.S. Strategy for Forest Management Adaptation to Climate Change: Building a Framework for Decision Making

Wildland Fire Emissions, Carbon, and Climate: Modeling Fuel Consumption.

Evaluating the Performance and Mapping of Three Fuel Classification Systems Using Forest Inventory and Analysis Surface Fuel Measurements



July 2013

Computer Models for Wildland and WUI Fires (video)

Recipe for Fire Disaster: Heat, Little Rain, 4th of July Holiday (video)

Steady by Jerks: Ecosystem Change in a Greenhouse World (video)

How Effective Were Fuel Treatments in the 2011 Wallow Fire?

Sharing Research Results with Partners at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Dave Peterson Discusses Climate Change Adaptation Information with Two Groups in One Day

Sharing Exciting Research on Fire Models and Their Applications

“Northwest Scientists Using Drones to Spy on Nature”

Tree-species Range Shifts in a Changing Climate—Detecting, Modeling, Assisting

Models for Predicting Fuel Consumption in Sagebrush-Dominated Ecosystemsbullet

Wildfire and Fuel Treatment Effects on Forest Carbon Dynamics in the Western United States

Quantifying the Effect of Fuel Reduction Treatments on Fire Behavior in Boreal Forests


May 2013

Discovery Channel (Canada) Features RxCADRE Burns

FCCS Covers Asia! Emission Modeling In Asia Uses Methods Developed at the Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory

NIST and Forest Service Create World’s First Hazard Scale for Wildland-Urban Interface Fires

Northwest Consortium Offers Webinars on FERA Research

PNW’s Twitter Feed

Research on Fire Emissions Information Support System Expanded Receives Continued Support from NASA

Ruddy Mell Featured Speaker at Fire Conference in Russia

Wildland Fire Emissions, Carbon and Climate: Characterizing Wildland Fuels


March 2013

Effects of Climatic Variability and Change on Forest Ecosystems: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the U.S. Forest Sector

Photo Series Focusing on Wet and Dry Sites in the Pacific Northwest Now Available in Print

Quantifying the Effect of Fuel Reduction Treatments on Fire Behavior in Boreal Forests

Vihnanek Conducts Technical Discussions with Local Firefighters in Colorado Springs


January 2013

Peterson and McKenzie Represent Fire Research at National Council for Science and the Environment Annual Meeting

Presentations and Posters at the 4th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference in Raleigh, NC

Rx410 Smoke Management Lessons

FERA Participates in Meetings with Fire and Fuels Planners in Pacific Northwest

Northern California Prescribed Fire Council

Northwest Fire Science Consortium Inaugurates Web Seminar Series

The North Cascadia Adaptation Partnership: A Science-Management Collaboration for Responding to Climate Change

Numerical Study of the Interaction Between a Head Fire and a Backfire Propagating in Grassland

Fuel Treatment Effects on Tree Mortality Following Wildfire in Dry Mixed Conifer Forests, Washington State, USA

Radionuclide Activity Concentrations in Forest Fuels at the Savannah River Site

Short Paper “Adaptation: Planning for Climate Change and Its Effects on Federal Lands”


November 2012

RxCADRE Experimental Burn Landmark for Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Research

Second Season of Pile Burning Finishes in Damp Weather

Texas Research Burns to Include WUI Component

Surface Fuel Treatments in Young, Regenerating Stands Affect Wildfire Severity in a Mixed Conifer Forest, Eastern Cascade Range, Washington, USA

Note to VSMOKE Users


September 2012

Prairie Burns in Western Washington in Advance Fire Behavior Model Evaluation

FERA to Contribute at Annual American Geophysical Union Meeting

Presentations and Posters at the 5th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress

Season of Burning in the South

Fuel Variability Following Wildfire in Forests with Mixed Severity Fire Regimes, Cascade Range, USA

Properties Affecting the Consumption of Sound and Rotten Coarse Woody Debris in Northern Idaho: A Preliminary Investigation Using Laboratory Fires

July 2012

Ruddy Mell Part of Team Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Fire Science

Research Burn at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

NASA Funds Additional Development of Regional Fire Emissions Products

Quantifying Fuel Treatment Effectiveness on Arizona’s Largest Recorded Wildfire

WUI Assessment Tool Tested in Colorado Springs Neighborhood

Carbon Dynamics of Forests in Washington: U.S. Projections for the 21st Century Based on Climate-Driven Changes in Fire Regimes

Tune In to Don McKenzie’s Podcast “Scarred for Life”

New Joint Fire Science Projects Focus on Model Development

McKenzie Leads Review of Smoke Consequences of Global Emission Scenarios

Fuel Treatment Paper One of the Most Widely Downloaded of 2011


May 2012

Special Issue of Forest Ecology and Management on “Assessing Wildland Fuels and Hazard Mitigation in the Southeastern United States"

FERA Joins in UW Effort to Archive Field Data

Technical Fire Management Class of 2012

Ottmar and Alvarado Present at Emission Factor Workshop

Climate Model Workshop at Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals Conference

Effects of Bark Beetle-Caused Tree Mortality on Wildfire


March 2012

Fire Experiment Coordinates Data Collection Activities Across Academic Boundaries

National Database for Calculating the Fuel-Available-to-Wildfires

Shaping the Future of Prescribed Fire in Washington

Northwest Fire Science Consortium

FERA’s Dave Peterson Serves on Washington State Advisory Committee

Improving Smoke Management and Testing Software Results

FERA Welcomes Visiting Professor Dr. Guenther C. Krieger Filho from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


January 2012

National Forests Now Offered Guidelines on Responding to Climate Change

Study Compares Consume 3.0 and FOFEM in the Eastern United States

Understanding the Role of Terrain and Wind Interactions on Fire Spread through Communities

Upslope Grass Fires Help Test Fire Behavior Models

U.S. National Forests Adapt to Climate Change Through Science-Management Partnerships

Newsletter Moving to Distribution Six Times a Year


September 2011

Adapting to Climate Change at Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park

Initial Reconnaissance of the 2011 Wildland-Urban Interface Fires in Amarillo, Texas

Continuing Development of FCCS

Western Mountain Initiative Meeting


August 2011

Investigating Fuel Treatment Efficacy on Arizona’s Wallow Fire

North Cascadia Workshop on Climate Change, Fish, and Fish Habitat

Forest Regeneration and Biomass Production after Slash and Burn in a Seasonally Dry Forest in the Southern Brazilian Amazon

Forest Service Issues Press Release on Simulations of Fuel Treatment Effectiveness


July 2011

Summer Brings International Visitors to the Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab

FCCS Fuelbed Maps Available to Download

Alaska Boreal Fire History Database Available

Climate Change and Wilderness Fire Regimes

Multi-scale Controls of Historical Forest-fire Regimes: New Insights from Fire-Scar Networks

Forest Service Begins Development of 2012 Assessment of Climate Change Science and Forests


June 2011

NE Oregon FCCS Mapping Project Begins

U.S. National Forests Adapt to Climate Change through Science-Management Partnerships

Workshop Approach for Developing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Actions for Natural Resource Management Agencies in the United States

International Fire Research Addressed by Ernesto Alvarado at South Africa Meeting


May 2011

Ramping Up for Summer Field Work

International Fire Conference Participation

FERA Team Teaching at Technical Fire Management

Model Comparisons for Estimating Carbon Emissions from North American Wildland Fire

Simulating Fuel Treatment Effects in Dry Forests of the Western United States: Testing the Principles of a Fire-Safe Forest

FCCS Fuelbeds for the Lake Tahoe Basin: Final Report


April 2011

Progress Made Toward Linking FCCS with FVS

The Combustion of Sound and Rotten Coarse Woody Debris: a Review 

Using Hyperspectral Imagery to Estimate Forest Floor Consumption from Wildfire in Boreal Forests of Alaska, USA 

Mixed-Severity Fire Regimes: Lessons and Hypotheses from the Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion

North Cascadia Adaptation Project Moves Forward

Webinar Addresses the Role of Bark Beetle Killed Trees in Wildfire Behavior


March 2011

Join Us in Welcoming Dr. Ruddy Mell to the FERA Team

FERA Presents at International Association of Landscape Ecology Meeting

North Cascadia Adaptation Project Conducts Final Two Educational Workshops

FERA Participates in the 44th North American Forestry Commission’s Fire Management Working Group Meeting


February 2011

Recent Acceleration of Biomass Burning and Carbon Losses in Alaskan Forests and Peatlands

FERA Announces New Book "The Landscape Ecology of Fire"

Assistance to National Forests on Climate Change Adaptation Continues

Three Experimental Burns Helped to Integrate Fire Research Data Collection

Revision to Climate Change Resource Center Website


January 2011

Mechanical Pile Consumption Calculations Added to Pile Calculator

Collecting Fuels Data for Collaborative Research Burns

Connecting with Fire Practitioners Around the Country

Preparing for Climate Change in the Northern Cascade Range


December 2010

Counting down to the new year, we are featuring 5 new publications that showcase the integration between FERA’s fuels, consumption, fire, and climate change research in the United States, Brazil, and Australia.

  • Recent Acceleration of Biomass Burning and Carbon Losses in Alaskan Forests and Peatlands
  • Forest Ecosystems, Disturbance, and Climatic Change in Washington State, USA
  • Understorey Fire Propagation and Tree Mortality on Adjacent Areas to an Amazonian Deforestation Fire
  • Testing Woody Fuel Consumption Models for Application in Australian Southern Eucalypt Forest Fires
  • Managing Fire and Fuels in a Warmer Climate


November 2010

Seattle Approach to Fuel Management in Watershed Guided by Morris Johnson’s Research

Crystal Raymond Presented at The Nature Conservancy Fire Learning Network Workshop

NASA Interns Return to Methow Valley to Validate Dataset for Image Classification of Large-Scale Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak

FERA Contributes to Workshop on Climate Change in Northern Colorado

Using a Stochastic Model and Cross-scale Analysis to Evaluate Controls on Historical Low-severity Fire Regimes


October 2010

Lake Tahoe FCCS Fuelbeds Available Online

Stop By and Visit in Spokane

Portuguese Visit PWFSL to Learn about FCCS

Welcome Back to Dr. Crystal Raymond

Sharing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Scotland


September 2010

Korean Visitors Hosted by Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory

Reflections on 10 Years of the Joint Fire Science Program

Demonstration of FERA’s Suite of Fuel Management Tools at Portugal Meeting

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Leadership Interested in Results of Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Study

Integration Work Continues to Connect FCCS and Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool

Space Available in PWFSL Workshops in Spokane


August 2010

Clint Wright Awarded Ph.D. with Research on Shrub-Dominated Ecosystems

Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory Offers 2 Workshops in Spokane

New Publications

  • JFSP News Brief on Handpiles Project

  • " Fuel Treatments Reduce the Severity of Wildfire Effects in Dry Mixed Conifer Forest, Washington, USA”
  • "Managing for Multiple Resources under Climate Change: National Forests”

  • "Modeling Understory Vegetation and Its Response to Fire”


July 2010

Natural Fuels Photo Series Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  • Mexico Photo Series Now Online
  • Brazil Uses FERA Photo Series to Estimate Greenhouse Gas Emission
  • Spotted Owl Nesting Habitat Photo Series


FERA Plans Collaboration with Fire Scientists in Portugal

Opportunity to Provide Feedback on IFT-DSS Development


May 2010

Critique of Sikkink and Keane's Comparison of Surface Fuel Sampling Techniques

FERA Contributes to Discussion of BLM Collaborative Forestry Pilot Project

Software Engineer Kjell Swedin Joins the FERA Team

Workshop Offered at 3rd Fire Behavior and Fuels Workshop

Local Forest Briefed on Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab Projects

Peterson Presents at Tribal Forestry Conference


April 2010

Popular Handpile Calculator to Receive Enhancements

“Climate, Forests, and Future: A View from the Tree Line” Lecture Online

First Tripod Study Complete; Work Continuing

FCCS Version 2.1 Released

National Climate Change Adaptation Workshop Convened

International Association of Landscape Ecology Meeting Wildfire Symposium


March 2010

Video Lecture Series on Climate Change and Fish Available Online

Handpile Calculator Report Published

Dormant Season Data Collection Complete for Southeast Season-of-Burning Study

Peterson Featured in “Sustaining Our Northwest World” Lecture Series

Defining How Aging Pseudotsuga and Abies Compensate for Multiple Stresses through Multi-Criteria Assessment of a Functional–Structural Model

Mini-Workshop Held at the University of Idaho

FERA Crew Sampling Treated Fuel Sites at Savannah River Site



January 2010

FCCS-FVS Integration Work in High Gear

Adapting to Climate Change in National Forests: A Workshop for Resource Managers

North American Wildfire Emission Study Featured

3rd Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference Call for Papers


December 2009

Post-Hurricane Fuels Photo Series Published

Field Work in the South Continues after Holiday Break

New Papers on Adapting to Climate Change

Advanced Smoke Modeling Workshop Focuses on North Carolina

Good Clearcuts?  Young Stands Prove Resilient to Wildfire


November 2009

Don McKenzie Discusses Climate Change with Forest Service Chief

DVD Short Course on Adapting to Climate Change

FERA Presents at the Fire Ecology and Management Conference

3rd Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference to Reflect on Lessons Learned

UW and FERA Search for Forest Ecologist and Software Engineer

Research Update Provided to Forest Service Fuels Managers

Final Climate Adaptation Workshop Focused on Fish


October 2009

Handpile Biomass Estimator Now Available Online

Issue of Fire Management Today Focuses on Fire Research

Characterizing Sources of Emissions from Wildland Fires

Workshop on Integrating Ecological and Fuel Management

Western Mountain Initiative Annual Meeting Held in Santa Fe

Wildlife and Climate Change Workshops Held on the Olympic Peninsula

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September 2009

Integration between FCCS and VDDT

Washington: Warming and Wildfires

FCCS Part of Evaluation of Fuel Treatment Tools

Inclusion of FCCS into the Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System

Effects of Forest Fires on Riparian Zones

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August 2009

Newly Published Information Kit Connects Stakeholders with Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory

The Evaluation of Meta-Analysis Techniques for Quantifying Prescribed Fire Effects on Fuel Loadings

Additional Photo Series for Brazil a Possibility

Spanish Scientist Explores U.S. Fire and Fuels Research

Work Begins to Study Effects of Season of Burn on Southeastern Fuel Dynamics

For more information

July 2009

Economic Recovery Act Invests in FERA’s Fire Research

Integration of Forest Vegetation Simulator and FCCS Tackled on Multiple Fronts

Australian Researcher Concludes Visit to Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab

NASA Interns Test Use of Satellite Imagery to Study Impact of Fuel Treatments on Carbon Emissions

Workshop Scheduled for 4th Fire Congress

Managing National Forest Resources under Climate Change

For more information

June 2009

FERA Supports Cooperation among U.S. Forest Service Research, the Brazilian Agriculture Research Center (EMBRAPA), and the Brazilian Forest Service

Field Crew Gathers Data from Research Burns in Alaska

Progress on Development of Continental-Scale Fuelbed Map for NASA Carbon Emission Project

Climate and Wildfire Area Burned in Western U.S. Ecoprovinces, 1916-2003

Holocene Fire and Vegetation Dynamics in a Montane Forest, North Cascade Range, Washington, USA

Halofsky Presents at the 7th North American Forest Ecology Workshop

Second Climate Change Workshop Held on the Olympic Peninsula

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May 2009

UNASYLVA Journal Publishes Paper on Adapting to Climate Change in United States National Forests

Ernesto Alvarado Accepts Position as Associate Professor of Wildland Fire Science

Outreach Announcement for Research Ecologist

Technical Fire Management Course

McKenzie and Kennedy Present at Landscape Ecology Meeting

Fieldwork Begins on the Butte Falls Blowdown Study

Training on Software Tools Continues across the Country

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April 2009

Joint Fire Science Program Funds Two FERA Projects in 2009

South Lake Tahoe Fuel Treatment Research Funded

"Effects of Timber Harvest Following Wildfire in Western North America" Published by the PNW Research Station

Region 6 Workshop Scheduled

Insects and Climate Presentation by Don McKenzie

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MARCH 2009

Ecological Foundations for Fire Management in North American Forest and Shrubland Ecosystems" Technical Report Published

Forest Vegetation Simulator to Create FCCS Fuelbeds

Protected Areas around the World Plan for Climate Change

Western Tribal Managers Trained in Using FERA Tools

Mountain Views Newsletter Focuses on Adaptation to Climate Change

For more information


Olympic National Forest and National Park Plan for Climate Change

FCCS Fuelbeds under Development for Mexico

FERA Participates in Development of Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment

Training Sessions Continue Throughout the Year



Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS) v. 2.0 Released

LANDFIRE FCCS Layer Available

Field Crew Heads South for the Winter

Have It Your Way: Open Source Software Brings Common Ground to Smoke Management and Emissions Inventories



Posters and Papers at the Pacific Coast Fire Conference

Hurricane Fuels Natural Photo Series Field Work Complete

Global Warming and Stress Complexes in Forests of Western North America

Core Fire Science Caucus Reviews Preliminary Data from RxCADRE Burns


Brazilian Forest Researcher Stationed in Seattle

Climate Change Planning Cadre Visits Montana and Idaho National Forests

Butte Falls Blowdown Site Scoped for Potential Fire Hazard Research

Colville, Okanogan, and Wenatchee National Forests Also Address Climate Change

Ellen Eberhardt Receives Science Support Award


Field Work in the Rangelands of Eastern Oregon

Hurricane Photo Series Assists in Assessing Forest Damage from Hurricane Ike


Online Climate Change Resource Center

Testing and Development of FCCS Continues at Savannah River

FERA Connects Climate Change Research with Monarch Butterfly Study

Predicting the Effects of Climate Change in Washington State

Evaluation of the Composite Burn Index for Assessing Fire Severity in Alaskan Black Spruce Forests

JULY 2008

Fire Severity in Regenerating Stands Focus of New Study

NASA Interns Study Tripod Complex Fire Severity Alongside FERA

Climate Change Workshop Convened to Develop Educational Materials

Study on Conditions Where Water Limits Growth of Douglas-Fir in Mountain Ecosystems

Boreal Fire History Project Progresses


JUNE 2008
Adaptation Options for Climate-Sensitive Ecosystems and Resources in National Forests and National Parks

Field Work Complete on Project to Estimate Biomass of Handpiles

Real-World Applications of the Fuel Characteristic Classification System

Doctoral Degree Awarded to Morris Johnson

Field Crew Measuring Consumption on Interior Alaska Research Burns

David Peterson Presents Plenary Session at Workshop “Climate Change Impacts on Natural Resource Management in the Columbia River Basin”

FERA Participates in Upcoming Regional Fire Conferences


MAY 2008

Honorary Degree Awarded to Roger Ottmar

FCCS Mapping of the Angora Fire Region

Maureen Kennedy Welcomed to the FERA Team

Development of System Architecture for Fire Modeling and Decision Making about Fuels

Climate Drivers of Regionally Synchronous Fires in the Inland Northwest (1651-1900)

FERA Team-Teaches Technical Fire Management Classes

Assistance Provided to Develop Fire Management Plan for Paraguay

Department of Defense National Environmental Training


APRIL 2008

Core Fire Science Advancement Plan Unveiled

Efforts Continue to Assist Land Managers in Planning for Climate Change

Improving Prediction of Smoke Impacts in the Eastern United States

Landscape Management System to Help Select Actions to Mitigate Carbon Emissions while Reducing Fire Risk and Future Costs

Efficient Field Work across Southern California

Changes in Fuelbed Characteristics and Resulting Fire Potentials after Fuel Reduction Treatments in Dry Forests of the Blue Mountains, Northeastern Oregon


MARCH 2008

RX Combustion-Atmospheric Dynamics Research Experiment a Grand Success

Alpine Treeline of Western North America: Linking Organism-to-Landscape Dynamics

Mexico Photo Series Published

Department of Defense Land Managers Learn Suite of Fuels Management Tools

Prescribed Fires in San Bernardino National Forest Aid Shrub Consumption Research



Emissions from Forest Fires near Mexico City

FERA Welcomes Jessica Halofsky

Field Crew Spends Time in Georgia and Florida

Talk Given on Climate Change’s Influence on Forest Ecosystems

Paper Studies Topographic Controls on Fires



FCCS Scientific Documentation Published

FERA Offers Poster and Exhibit at "Fire in the Southwest" Conference

McKenzie to Present at 2008 Forest Management Conference

Peterson’s Comments on Climate Change Focus of News Article in the Skagit Valley Herald



Final Report on Multi-Day Burn Pilot for Smoke Management

FERA Collaborates on NASA Projects to Develop Carbon Emission Estimates for North America

Session at American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting Co-Chaired by Don McKenzie

Canadian Journal of Forest Research Publishes Scientific Documentation of FCCS



Research Recognition Worldwide

Concepción, Chile; Stockholm, Sweden; and Brasilia, Brazil

Ottmar Assists City of Portland in Evaluating Fire Hazard Using FCCS

Overstory Tree Mortality Resulting from Reintroducing Fire to Long-Unburned Longleaf Pine Forests: the Importance of Duff Moisture

Forest Fire and Climate Change in Western North America: Insights from Sediment Charcoal Records



FERA Tools Featured in "A Toolkit for Assessing Fire Hazards"
Adapting to Climate Change in Olympic National Forest
JGR Publishes on Smoldering Emissions in Studied Experimental Fire in Brazil
Western Regional Air Partnership Incporporates Consume 3.0 in Emissions Tracking System
Vegetation Data May Help Locate Military Munitions
State-of-the-Science Update on Managing Forests After Fire
Science-Based Strategic Planning for Hazardous Fuel Treatment
Paper on the Cross-Scale Analysis of Fire Regimes Published in "Ecosystems"
"Natural Fuels Photo Series for the Southwest" Poster Abstract Submitted



Fire-Climate Connection Summarized by the Joint Fire Science Program
Tripod Fire Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Research Receives Additional Funding
Digital Photo Series and Shrub Consumption Projects Completed
FERA Supports Fire Management in Eastern Hardwoods
Georgia Regional Fuels Workshop to Improve Smoke Management
FCCS Papers Scheduled to be Published in November 2007
McKenzie Paper to be Presented at the 7th Symposium on Forest and Fire Meteorology


JUNE 2007

FERA Helps Establish International Fire Management Actions Alliance
EOS Features Climate Change and Disturbance Workshop
Two Joint Fire Science Program Projects Completed
Global Fire Initiative Technical Report Published
New Study Considers the Biomass of Handpiles for Smoke Management Planning
Journal of Forestry Publishes Article on Managing Forest Structure and Fire Hazard
Measuring Forest Floor Reduction from Fuel Treatments in Alaska’s Interior


APRIL 2007
Northern Idaho Regional Fuels Workshop
Field Work Begins in Wenatchee National Forest
Growth-Climate Relations of Lodgepole Pine in the North Cascades National Park, Washington
New Jersey Pine Barrens Shrub Consumption Work Documented
Fire Hazard and Decomposition Study Complete
Scientists Respond Rapidly to Wildfire Research Opportunities


FCCS Version 1.1 Released
Post-Fire Logging Paper Published
Biomass Consumption during Prescribed Fires in Big Sagebrush Ecosystems
2nd Fire Behavior and Fuels Workshop
Update on FCCS Journal Articles
FERA Scientists Lead Disturbance Workshop
Field Crew in the Southeast
Spring Regional Fuels Workshops



FCCS Papers Accepted by the Canadian Journal of Forest Research
RSS Feed Now Available
Don McKenzie and Ernesto Alvarado Headed to Mexico
Value and Challenges of Conducting Research on Active Wildland Fires Examined
Briefing on Climate Change Held for Congressional Staff
Field Work Ahead of Schedule
A Month of Vacations


JULY 2007

Pilot Study on Multiple Day Prescribed Burns

FERA Assists as Washington State Considers Climate Effects on Forests

Building FCCS Fuelbeds for the Savannah River Site

Overview of Forest Service Research into Integrated Fire and Fuels Management Presented

Field Work Begins on Tripod Fire Complex Fuel Treatment Effects Study


MAY 2007

Fuel Treatment and Fire Hazard Guidebook Published
Southwestern Regional Fuels Workshop
Boreal Fire History Website
FERA Team-Teaches Technical Fire Management Classes
Treatment Effects on Fire Severity on the Tripod Fire
Lara Kellogg Died in Climbing Accident


MARCH 2007
San Luis Obispo Workshop
Multi-Day Prescribed Fire in Eastern Washington
Consumer Guide to Fuels Management Tools
New Study Sheds Light on Long-term Effects of Logging after Wildfire
Presentations in Austria
Hazel Birrenkott




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