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Pacific Northwest Research Station
333 SW First Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

(503) 808-2100

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Bullet.Headquarter- Station Director's Office

Bullet.Alaska Wood Utilization Research and Development Center

Bullet.Anchorage Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.Boreal Ecology Cooperative Research Unit

Bullet.Corvallis Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.Juneau Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.La Grande Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.Olympia Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.Portland Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.Wenatchee Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Bullet.Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center


Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt - 1220 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

PHONE: 503-808-2100; FAX 503-808-2130

Publications 503-808-2138
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FELIPE SANCHEZ Acting Station Director 503-808-2100
Will Low Executive Assistant to the Station Director 503-808-2101
Borys Tkacz Assistant Station Director for Research 503-808-2115
Katherine Smith Assistant Station Director for Program Development 503-808-2104
Leslie A. Kelly Assistant Station Director for Administration 503-808-2102
Cynthia Miner Assistant Station Director for Communications & Applications 503-808-2135
Kelly, Lesley Asst. Station Director for Administration 503-808-2102
Ahmed, Maham Program Analyst 503-808-2114
Hudson, Lorraine Admin Mgmt Specialist 503-808-2535
Jeresko, Alice Business Operations Assistant 503-808-2123
Rode, Danna Supervisory Field Ops Spec. Anchorage, LaGrande, Seattle, Wenatchee 541-962-6524
Verhunc, Tammy Safety & Health Manager/Operations 503-808-2425
Wuethrich, Jeff Supervisory Field Ops Specialist 503-808-2709
Zamora, Rhonda Budget Officer 503-808-2225
Holcomb, Karen Field Budget Analyst (Portland) 503-808-2105
St. Amie, Johanna Field Budget Analyst (Portland) 503-808-2103
Won, Phillip Lead Budget Analyst 503-808-2117
Wuethrich, Rebecca Budget Analyst 503-808-2113
Grants & Agreements
Beshears, Dan Partnership Liaison Specialist (Portland) 503-808-3228
Bui, Christina Grants & Agreements Specialist 503-808-2239
Kulbitsky, Bill Grants Management Specialist 503-808-2111
Ta, Vi Lead Grants & Agreements Specialist 503-808-2107
Tarvin, Nick Partnership Liaison Specialist (Prineville) 541-362-6312
Oravetz, Steve Station Engineer (Seattle) 503-808-2524
Avila, Rob Asst. Station Engineer (GP-Vancouver) 360-891-5217
Oldenburg, David Facilities Operations Specialist (Corvallis) 541-750-7224
Vacant Maintenance (Wenatchee)
Tkacz, Borys Asst. Station Director for Research 503-808-2115
Smith, Katherine Asst. Station Director for Program Development 503-808-2104
Gravenmier, Becky Natural Resources Specialist 503-808-2851
Mounts, Danielle Executive Asst. to the ADs for Research & Program Development 503-808-2124
Steel, Elizabeth (Ashley) Supervisory Mathematical Statistician (Seattle) 206-732-7823
White, Rachel Science Writer 503-808-2082
Miner, Cynthia Asst. Station Director for Communications & Applications 503-808-2135
White, Selena Executive Asst. to AD for Communications & Applications 503-808-2125
Bittner, Becky Knowledge Exchange Forester 503-808-2599
Blake, Jason Visual Information Specialist 503-808-2039
Burks, Matthew Public Affairs Specialist 503-808-2279
Chau, Tiffany Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2140
Jennings, Cheryl Visual Information Specialist 503-808-2133
Johnson, Oscar Technical Editor 503-808-2166
Mazza, Rhonda Science Writer 503-808-2132
Routman, Keith Technical Publications Editor 503-808-2129
Sands, Yasmeen Public Affairs Specialist 503-808-2137
Vanni, Frank Publishing Director 503-808-2147
Wilson, Carolyn Technical Publications Editor 503-808-2139


204 Siginaka Way
Sitka, Alaska 99835-7316
Phone: 907-747-4308, Fax: 907-747-4294


Goods, Services, and Values Program (GSV)
Brackley, Allen  Research Forester; Lead, Alaska Wood Utilization Center 907-747-4308
Dininger, Kelly Sue SCA Technician 907-747-0593
Nicholls, David  Forest Products ResearchTechnologist 907-747-4312


161 E. 1st Avenue, Door 8, Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Phone: 907-743-9400, FAX: 907-743-9482


Nicholas, Gretchen Lab Line Officer 503-808-2034
Latimer, Stephanie Administrative Support Assistant 907-743-9425
Resource Monitoring and Assessment (RMA)
Ausman, Michael                                                          Biologist  907-743-9421
Ayotte, Seth                                                  Ecologist  907-743-9425
Childe, Warren  Biologist 907-743-9407
Durfee, Daniel Biologist 907-743-9409
Dean, Gerad AK Coastal Coordinator 907-743-9419 
Gerdes, Michelle Biologist  907-743-9417
Hansen, Michelle Ecologist  907-743-9404
Irvine, Daniel AK Coastal Coordinator  907-743-9416 
Izlar, Deborah (Kay) Ecologist 907-743-9420
Johnson, Vicki Information Technology Specialist 907-743-9410
Lehman, Ashley Pacific Island/Hawaii Coordinator 907-743-9415
Moy, Marshell Forester Quality Assurance Lead 907-743-9423
Mueller, Brendt Biologist, Team Leader, Data Collection (AK, HI & Pacific Is. 907-743-9408
O'Driscoll, Matthew Biologist 907-743-9402
Pattison, Robert Research Ecologist 907-743-9414
Rigsby, Katie Biologist 907-743-9450
Schulz, Beth Research Ecologist 907-743-9424
Straley, Eric Forester 907-743-9403
Thompson, Tom GIS Specialist 907-743-9401
Yatskov, Mikhail (Misha) Forester 907-743-9428


University of Alaska Fairbanks
P.O. Box 756780
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6780

Ecological Process and Function (EPF)
Teresa Hollingsworth Research Ecologist 907-474-2424


3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Phone: 541-750-725, Fax: 541-750-7329


Anderson, Paul Lab Line Officer 541-758-7786
Barrus, Robert Plumber’s Assistant 541-750-7254
Britt, John Custodian 541-750-7372
Chrastil, Howard Custodian 541-750-7372
Dean, Sherry Purchasing Agent 541-750-7261
Downing, Greg Hydrology Technician 541-750-7283
Gay, Brenda Office Automation Assistant 541-750-7375
Gay, Caleb Maintenance Worker 541-750-7418
Koetz, Ron AC Equip Mechanic 541-758-8794
Larrabee, Theresa Server Administrator 541-750-7400
Merner, Daniel AC Equip Mechanic (Supervisor) 541-750-7253
O’Neal, Christy Administrative Support Assistant 541-758-8819
Sabatka, Mary Administrative Specialist 541-750-7255
Vacant  Support Services Specialist
Research & Program Development
Cunningham, Pat Mathematical Statistician 541-750-7271
Ecological Process and Function (EPF)
Anderson, Paul Program Manager EPF 541-758-7786
Creel, Craig Forester 541-750-7326
Drapek, Ray Biologist/GIS Specialist   541-750-7483
Forsman, Eric Emeritus Scientist 541-750-7266
Grant, Gordon Research Hydrologist 541-750-7328
Henshaw, Don Information Technology Specialist 541-750-7335
Johnson, Sherri Research Ecologist 541-758-7771
Keable, Kathy Site Manager, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest 541-822-6303
Kim, John Research Biological Scientist 541-750-7287
Lesmiester, Damon Research Wildlife Biologist 541-750-7342
Meinzer, Fredrick (Rick) Research Ecologist 541-758-7798
Reid, Janice Wildlife Biologist 541-464-3229
Reynolds, Keith Research Forester: Team Leader, Landscape-Climate Interactions  541-750-7434
Spies, Thomas Supervisory Research Forester; Team Leader, Forest Landscapes & Ecosystems  541-750-7354
Swingle, James Wildlife Biologist 541-750-7169
Vacant Natural Resource Specialist
Van Horne, Bea Director of NW Regional Climate HUB 541-750-7357
Wilson, Todd Wildlife Biologist 541-750-7288
Wondzell, Steve Research Ecologist 541-758-8753
Woodruff, David Research Plant Physiologist 541-750-7494
Youngblood, Anthony Program Assistant 541-750-7297
Goods, Services, and Values (GSV)
Ralph Alig Research Forester, Emeritus Scientist 541-750-7267
Jeff Kline Research Forester 541-758-7776
Land & Watershed Management (LWM)
Burnett, Kelly Emeritus Scientist 541-750-7309
Christiansen, Kelly Data Services Specialist 541-750-7421
Cronn, Richard Research Geneticist 541-750-7291
Ellenburg, Loretta Biological Science Technician 541-750-7402
Flitcroft, Rebecca Research Fish Biologist; Team Lead,  Landscape, Ecology and Management  541-750-7346
Hansen, Bruce Ecologist 541-750-7311
Hauck, Laura Biological Sciences Technician 541-750-7292
McKay, Doni Biological Sciences Technician 541-750-7392
Mikowski, Dan General Biologist 541-750-7276
Nay, Mark Ecologist 541-750-7264
Olson, Deanna (Dede) Research Ecologist; Team Leader, Aquatic Ecology and Management  541-750-7373
Penaluna, Brooke Research Fish Biologist 541-758-8783
Poklemba, Chris Forestry Technician 541-750-7295
Prendeville, Holly Research Geneticist 541-7507300
Reeves, Gordon Research Fish Biologist 541-750-7314
Ronnenberg, Kathryn Research Information Assistant 541-750-7306
Smith, Jane Botanist 541-750-7387
St. Clair, Brad Research Geneticist 541-750-7294
Vacant Research Plant Physiologist
Vacant Forestry Technician
Vacant Forestry Technician
Resource Monitoring and Assessment (RMA)
Cohen, Warren Research Forester 541-750-7322
Gray, Andy Research Ecologist; Team Leader, Vegetation Monitoring Science & Applications  541-750-7252
Monleon, Vincente Research Mathematical Statistician 541-750-7299
Ohmann, Janet Emeritus Scientist 541-750-7487
Threat Characterization and Management (TCM)
Day, Michelle Biological Sciences Technician 541-758-7768
Eberhardt, Ellen Technical Information Specialist 541-7507481
Kelsey, Rick Research Forester; Team Leader, Resilience and Ecosystem Disturbance   541-750-7368
Kerns, Becky Research Ecologist 541-750-7497
Westlind, Doug Research Forestry Technician 541-750-7376
Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment (WWETAC)
Balduman, Lisa Technical Information Specialist 541-750-7395
Vacant Research Social Scientist 541-758-7793
Northwest Climate Change Hub (NWCCH)
Van Horne, Bea Program Manager 541-750-7357
Prendeville, Holly Climate Hub Coordinator 541-750-7300
Roesch-McNally, Gabrielle Climate Hub Fellow 541-750-7091

11175 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Phone: 907-586-8811, Fax: 907-586-7848

Lab Line Officer
Susan J. Alexander Lab Line Officer 907-586-7801
Bochynski, Elizabeth Operations Specialist 907-586-7801
Hesser, Randy Maintenance Specialist 907-586-7802
Plumb, Pauline Administrative Officer 907-586-7803
Ecological Process and Function (EPF)
Jeff Barnard Fisheries Biologist 907-586-8838
Goods, Services, and Values (GSV)
Linda Kruger Research Social Scientist 907-586-7814
Land & Watershed Management (LWM)
Bellmore, J. Ryan Research Fish Biologist 907-586-7805
Biles, Fances Geographer 907-586-7936
D’Amore, David Soil Scientist; Team Leader, Landscape Productivity 907-586-7955
Edwards, Richard Soil Scientist; Team Leader, Landscape Productivity 907-586-8801
Engels, John Program Assistant 907-586-7969
Johnson, Adelaide (Di) Hydrologist 907-586-8819
Juhasz, Nick Research Assistant 907-586-7978
Lukey, Mark Hydrologist 907-586-8813
McClellan, Michael Research Ecologist 907-586-7924
State & Private Forestry (S&P)
Graham, Elizabeth Forest Entomologist 907-586-8883
Heutte, Tom Aerial Survey Coordinator 907-586-8835
Mulvey, Robin Forest Pathologist 907-586-7971


1401 Gekeler Lane
La Grande, Oregon 97850-3368
Phone: 541-963-7122, Fax: 541-962-6504


Lab Line Officer
Harrington, Tim Lab Line Officer 360-753-7674
Boldt, Michael Maintenance 541-962-6522
Hutton, Elcine Lead Admin Operations Specialist 541-962-6570
Rode, Danna Supervisory Field Operations Specialist 541-962-6524
Santiago, Yvonne Admin Operations Specialist 541-962-6541
Ecological Process and Function (EPF)
Borum, Cheryl Information Technology Specialist 541-962-6566
Dick, Brian Range Conservationist; Starkey Area Manager 541-962-6539
Hafer, Jennifer Biological Science Technician 541-962-6527
Kennedy, Ryan Range Technician 541-962-6568
Naylor, Bridgett Geographer (1/2)  TCM 541-962-6564
Rea, Dennis Maintenance Mechanic 541-962-6567
Rowland, Mary Research Wildlife Biologist 541-962-6582
Vavra, Marty Emeritus Scientist 541-410-2120
Wisdom, Michael Research Wldlf Biologist, Team Ldr, Starkey Ungulate Ecology 541-962-6532
Land & Watershed Management (LWM)
McCaskill, George Research Forester 541-962-6533
Resource Monitoring and Assessment (RMA)
Hoff, Andrew Ecologist 541-962-6548
Johnson, Hannah Ecologist 541-962-6537
Sprovkin, Jeffrey Field Technician 541-962-6528
Threat Characterization and Management (TCM)
Naylor, Bridgett Geographer (1/2)  EPF 541-962-6564
Progar, Rob Research Entomologist 541-962-6578


3625 93rd Ave., SW,
Olympia, Washington 98512-9193
Phone: 360-753-7747, Fax: 360-753-7737

Lab Line Officer
Kihia, Simon Lab Line Officer 206-732-7846
Maverick, Sandra  Administrative Specialist 360-753-7658
Turner, LeRoy  Maintenance 360-753-7713
Willenberg, Mandie Adminstrative Support Assistant 360-753-7713
Grants & Agreements
Kulbitsky, Bill Grants Management Specialist 360-753-7675
Ecological Process and Function (EPF)
Aubry, Keith Emeritus Scientist 360-753-7685
Lorenz, Teresa Research Wildlife Biologist 360-753-7696
Moriarty, Katie Research Wildlife Biologist 360-753-7716
Raley, Cathy Wildlife Biologist 360-753-7686
Raphael, Martin Emeritus Scientist 360-753-7662
Wilk, Randall Wildlife Biologist 360-753-7710
Goods, Services & Values (GSV)
Ryan, Douglas Emeritus Scientist 360-753-7652
White, Eric Research Social Scientist 360-753-7684
Land & Watershed Management (LWM)
Bisson, Peter Emeritus Scientist 360-753-7671
Brodie, Leslie Forester 360-753-7681
Crisafulli, Charlie Ecologist 360-449-7834
Curtis, Robert Emeritus Scientist 360-753-7669
Ford, Kevin Research Ecologist 360-753-7731
Foster, Alex Ecologist 360-753-7680
Harrington, Constance Research Forester; Team Leader Genetic
& Silvicultural Foundations for Mgmt
Prevéy, Janet Research Ecologist 360-753-7694
Thornton, David Information Technology Spec. 360-754-5372
Vail, Teresa Forestry Technician 360-753-7687
Threat Characterization and Management (TCM)
Dollins, James Forestry Technician 360-753-7663
Harrington, Tim Research Scientist; Team Leader 360-753-7674
Peter, David Ecologist 360-753-7654


400 N. 34th Street, Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98103-8600
Phone: 206-732-7800, Fax: 206-732-7801


Lab Line Officer
Simon Kihia Lab Line Officer 206-732-7846
Eder, Bob Administrative Lead 206-732-7835
Taylor, Colin Administrative Support Assistant 206-732-7831
Goods, Services, and Values (GSV)
Blahna, Dale Research Social Scientist; Team Leader, UWI 206-732-7833
Cerveny, Lee Research Social Scientist (UWI) 206-732-7832
Kihia, Simon Program Manager (GSV) 206-732-7846
Menorath, Shawn Program Assistant (GSV) 206-732-7822
Sheikh, Amir Social Science Analyst (UWI) 206-732-7840
Resource Monitoring and Assessment (RMA)
Andersen, Hans-Erik Research Forester; Team Leader, Veg. Monitoring & Remote 206-221-9034
McGaughey, Bob Research Forester; FORSYS Cooperator 206-543-4713
Threat Characterization and Management (TCM)
Johnson, Morris Research Biologist (FERA) 206-732-7852
Larkin, Sim Research Meteorologist; Team Leader, AirFIRE 206-732-7849
McKenzie, Don Research Biologist (FERA) 206-732-7824
Mell, William (Ruddy) Research Engineer, FERA 206-732-7868
O’Neill, Susan Research Air Quality Engineer (AirFIRE) 206-732-7851
Ottmar, Roger Research Forester 206-732-7826
Peterson, David L. Research Biologist (FERA) 206-732-7812
Peterson, Janice Air Resource Specialist (AirFIRE, R6) 206-732-7845
Potter, Brian Research Meteorologist (AirFIRE) 206-732-7828
Rorig, Miriam Research Meteorologist (AirFIRE) 206-732-7843
Varner, Morgan Team Leader, Fire & Environmental Research 206-732-7889
Wing, Gina IT Specialist, AirFIRE 206-732-7821
Wright, Clint Emeritus Scientist (FERA) 206-732-7827


620 SW Main, Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503-808-2000, TDY/TDD: 503-808-2055, Fax: 503-808-2020


Lab Line Officer
Nicholas, Gretchen Lab Line Officer 503-808-2034
Howell, Diana Business Operations Clerk 503-808-3135
Sigo, Jacob Lead Admin Specialist 503-808-2049
Willis, Yolanda Business Operations Assistant 503-808-2021
Ecological Process and Function (EPF)
Marcot, Bruce Wildlife Biologist 503-808-2010
Goods, Services, and Values
Charnley, Susan Research Social Scientist; Team Leader, Communities & Forest Mgmt 503-808-2051
Daniels, Jean Research Forester 503-808-2004
Deal, Robert (Bob) Research Forester; Team Leader, Ecosystem Services 503-808-2015
Donovan, Geoffrey Research Forester 503-808-2043
Hummel Stevens, Susan Research Forester 503-808-2084
Lowell, Eini Research Forest Products Technologist 503-808-2072
Seesholtz, David Research Liaison (NEPA for 21st Century Initiative) 208-373-4170
Zhou, Xiaoping Research Economist 503-808-2017
Resource Monitoring and Assessment (RMA)
Brown, Jason Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2080
Buccanero, Ally Forestry Technician 503-808-3130
Butler, Sarah Ecologist 503-808-2083
Campbell, Kurt Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2077
Carson, Johnny Biologist (QA) 503 704-9747
Chase, John GIS/Remote Sensing Specialist 503-808-2089
Christensen, Glenn Forester 503-808-2064
Coles, Dan Forester (QA) 503-808-2078
Czimskey, Ervin (Skeeter) Software Developer 503-808-3138
Deans, Jess Ecologist 503-808-3229
Donnegan, Joe Deputy Program Manager 503-808-2053
Dunn, Summer Supervisory Biologist; Team Leader, FIA Data Collection 503-808-2071
Ferrante, Matt Biologist 503-808-2023
Fried, Jeremy Research Forester 503-808-2058
Gatziolis, Demetrios Research Forester 503-808-2038
Hayden, Heather Forestry Technician 503-808-3142
Hellman, Kurt Program Analyst 503-808-2022
Holgerson, Justin Natural Resource Spec.; FIA Coordinator (WA) 503-808-3131
Huddleston, Kyle Program Specialist 503-808-2068
Jesswein, Amy Forestry Technician; FIA Gear/Fleet/ Safety 360-956-3129
Jovan, Sarah Research Ecologist 503-808-2070
Kuegler, Olaf Biometrician 503-808-2028
Luce, Hugh Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2214
Mills, John Research Forester 503-808-2076
Nicholas, Gretchen Program Manager (RMA/FIA) 503-808-2034
Nigg, Donovan Information Tech. Team Leader 503-808-2012
Palmer, Marin Supervisory Biologist; FIA Coordinator (CA) 503-808-2025
Patterson, Melissa Ecologist 503-808-2073
Potts, Larry Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2079
Randolph, Karen Program Asst. (RMA/FIA) 503-808-3233
Rash, Scott Supervisory Ecologist; FIA Coordinator (QA) 503-808-2081
Stanton, Sharon Natural Resources Spec.; Team Leader, Inventory, Reporting & Mapping 503-808-2019
Terzibashian, Jane Supervisory Biologist; FIA Coordinator (OR) 503-808-3127
Thompson, Joel Forestry Technician 503-808-2041
Veneklase, Chuck Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2045
Wanek, Ron Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2048


1133 N. Western Avenue
Wenatchee, Washington 98801
Phone: 509-664-1700, Fax: 509-665-8362


Lab Line Officer
Harrington, Tim Lab Line Officer 360-753-7674
Mounter, Cheryl Administrative Support Asstistant 509-664-1710
Park, Roxanne Administrative Specialist 509-664-1711
Ecological Process and Function (EPF)
Hessburg, Paul Research Landscape Ecologist 509-664-1722
Salter, Brion Geographer/GIS Specialist 509-664-1728
Land & Watershed Management (LWM)
Claeson, Shannon Ecologist 509-664-1741
Polivka, Karl Research Fish Biologist 509-664-1736
Threat Characterization and Management (TCM)
Barrett, Tara Research Forester; Team Leader, DARE 509-664-1715
Peterson, David W. Research Forester 509-664-1727
Singleton, Peter Research Wildlife Biologist 509-664-1732
Trask, Tammy Program Assistant 509-664-1712


3160 NE 3rd Street, PO Box 490
Prineville, OR 97754

Phone: 541-416-6583, Fax: 541-416-6693


Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center (WWETAC)
Grulke, Nancy Director 541-416-6583
Shaw, Terry Emeritus Scientist 541-416-6600
Vaillant, Nicole Fire Ecologist 541-233-6107

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