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2004 Innovation Fair

February 25, 2004 (9:00AM to 3:00 PM)

World Forestry Center, Miller Hall

4033 SW Canyon Road

Portland, OR

Sponsored by PNW Research Station - Western Forestry and Conservation Association




For registration information, contact Richard Zabel at 503-226-4562 or

or register online at

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Alan Ager

Wildfire Risks on Wildland-Urban Interfaces

Software and methods for analyzing and visualizing landscape- level wildfire risks on wildland-urban interfaces.


Keith Aubry
Leslie Jagger

Forest Carnivore Surveys

Web-based interactive mapping of lynx, wolverine, fisher, and marten.


Kelly Burnett

Intrinsic Stream

A model used for analyzing which streams have the capacity to provide high quality salmon/trout habitat.


Norm Cimon

Measuring Average Speeds of Recreation Activities

A technique used for estimating traffic flow of different recreation types based on averaging speeds.


Ellen Donoghue
Lynnae Sutton

Community Socioeconomic Information System (CSIS)

Computer-based tool allows users to select geographic areas and view maps and tables of socioeconomic data.


Tiffany Dong


A searchable database of publications authored by Forest Service scientists.


Ellen Eberhardt

Natural Fuels Photo Series

Field guides used to quickly and accurately assess fuel loads and natural vegetation types.


Sue Ferguson

BlueSky Smoke Model

Software that predicts smoke impacts from both wild and prescribed fires.


Roger Fight (1)

Economics of Fuel Treatment Planning

A model that guides fuel treatment planners through the economics of fuel treatment projects.


Roger Fight (2)

Noble Fir Bough Harvest Model

A model that estimates the volume of noble fir boughs that could be harvested.


Michael Furniss


A software tool that evaluates road culverts for fish passage.


Becky Gravenmier

Columbia Basin Science and Data

Demonstration of key science manuscript CD-ROM and data CD-ROM sets, website, and on-line literature citation database for Columbia Basin science products.

Fred Hall

Long-term Photographic Monitoring

Requirements and procedures are presented for establishing long-term photographic monitoring.


Miles Hemstrom

Landscape Disturbance Model

Landscape model that uses available software to examine the combined effects of disturbances and management.


Don Henshaw


On-line access to hydrology databases for many watersheds.


Jeff Kline

Spatial Land Use Model

Demonstration of spatial land use model and projections of future land use change in Western Oregon, 2000-2050.


Linda Kruger

Keys for Community Preparedness for Wildfire

Examples from communities around the country of efforts to prepare for wildfire and actions that are being taken to reduce fire risk.


Bruce Lippke

Landscape Management System (LMS)

A model that can be used to analyze management alternatives and present the results in easily understood visual displays.


Bruce Marcot


On-line information and advice for managing snags, partially dead trees, and down wood for biodiversity in forests of Washington and Oregon.


Sam Chan
Tara Nierenberg

Watershed Stewardship Education Program

This product is a web-based riparian curriculum for trainers.


Bridgett Read

Noxious Weed Invasion of Eastern Oregon

An educational tool to demonstrate the importance of noxious weed management.


Keith Reynolds

Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS)

Software that helps managers analyze large databases for landscape planning at multiple scales.


Thomas Spies

Using Forest History to Understand the Present

A collection of different analyses of forest dynamics at broad scales demonstrating how the present Oregon Coast Range forest came about.


Thomas Spies

The Coastal Landscape Analysis Modeling Study

An integrated approach for under-standing ecological and economic effects of forest management at broad scales.


Nobi Suzuki

Risk Assessment for Species Habitats

A tool to determine and evaluate potential sites for conservation of target species using 3-dimensional GIS layers.










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