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A habitat-based point-count protocol for terrestrial birds, emphasizing Washington and Oregon, Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-501, by Mark H. Huff, Kelly A. Bettinger, Howard L. Ferguson, Martin J. Brown, and Bob Altman

We describe a protocol and provide a summary for point-count monitoring of landbirds that is designed for habitat-based objectives. Presentation is in four steps: preparation and planning, selecting monitoring sites, establishing monitoring stations, and conducting point counts. We describe the basis for doing habitat-based point counts, how they are organized, and how they differ from other approaches using point counts. We discuss links between local scale and larger scale monitoring and methods to evaluate sample size for monitoring. We develop a framework for identifying potential monitoring sites and provide an attribute database to characterize the potential sites, including rules to select sites. We describe buffer requirements for sites, rules for distances between points, ways to mark individual count stations, and alternative methods for riparian areas. We conclude with guidelines for counting birds and recording data. 

Keywords: Bird sampling, avifauna, monitoring, point count, Pacific Northwest, bird protocol, avian field methods, population trends, bird detections.

General Technical Report PNW-GTR-501 (303k in pdf)

A regional vegetation protocol for bird point count monitoring stations in Washinton and Oregon - Level 2 quantitative site characterization and vegetation sampling: basic and advanced

1999 Field Version (No protocol changes from 1998; only editorial upgrades)

Site Description Form (.xls)

Four years of bird point count monitoring in late-successional conifer forests and riparian areas from the Pacific Northwest forests, interim results

December 1998 (Updated for the Web 2000)

Point count data form in .doc

Point count data form in .rtf

Flight Attendant 4

Software to Manage Data from Point Count Surveys

Read Me First Draft Manual (.doc) Software (13Mb) Note: Downloading may take a while

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