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Pacific Northwest Research Station

Pacific Northwest Research Station
333 SW First Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

(503) 808-2100

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Communications and Applications Group (CAP)


Cynthia L. Miner, Assistant Station Director, Communications & Applications

Our Mission: To create awareness and promote use of scientific innovations generated by the PNW Research Stations through scientifically credible communications and applications.

About Us: Recipient of several awards acknowledging success in communicating research findings. We are located in the Station Directors office in Portland, Oregon.


Specialists in Areas of:

[Bullet]: arrow Communications planning

[Bullet]: arrow Conservation education

[Bullet]: arrow Decision support design

[Bullet]: arrow Design and layout

[Bullet]: arrow Editing

[Bullet]: arrow Multi-media development

[Bullet]: arrow Publishing

[Bullet]: arrow Public affairs

[Bullet]: arrow Scanning

[Bullet]: arrow Science writing

[Bullet]: arrow Technology transfer and marketing

[Bullet]: arrow Web site development and support


Communications and Applications Group

1220 SW 3rd Avenue, Suite 1400
Portland, OR 97204
P.O. Box 3890 - Portland, OR 97208-3890

PHONE: (503) 808-2100

FAX (503) 808-2130


Cynthia Miner Communications and Applications Director 503-808-2135
Selena White Executive Assistant 503-808-2125
Becky Bittner Technology Transfer Specialist 503-808-2599
Jason Blake Visual Information Specialist 503-808-2039
Tiffany Chau Information Technology Specialist 503-808-2140
Cheryl Jennings Visual Information Specialist 503-808-2133
Oscar Johnson Technical Publication Editor 503-808-2166
Cecil (Hugh) Luce Visual Information Specialist 503-808-2214
Vacant Admin. Support Assistant
Rhonda Mazza Science Writer 503-808-2132
Keith Routman Technical Editor 503-808-2129
Yasmeen Sands Public Affairs Specialist 503-808-2137
Frank Vanni Publishing Director 503-808-2147
White, Rachel Science Writer 503-808-2082
Carolyn Wilson Technical Editor 503-808-2139




Science Findings


Science Update

Science Update


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