USDA FOREST SERVICE : Strategic Planning and Resource Assessment

Title Page and Introductory Sections


The Forest Service Performance and Accountability Report—Fiscal Year 2003 has been prepared in accordance with the Report Consolidation Act of 2000 and the Office of Management and Budget’s direction. As required by law, this document integrates the Forest Service’s annual performance report with its annual consolidated financial statements. It also includes the resulting KPMG LLP1 opinion on the agency’s financial statements, internal controls, and compliance with laws and regulations. A summary of Forest Service accomplishments and plans for addressing major management challenges and program risks, identified through Office of Inspector General and General Accounting Office reports, may be found in the Management’s Discussion and

Analysis section.

All comments regarding this report are welcome. To learn more about the Forest Service and to download the electronic version of the performance and accountability report, see

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Forest Service, USDA
Strategic Planning and Resource Assessment Staff
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1 KPMG LLP (KPMG) is an independent auditor.