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You are here: Home > Passes & Permits > Recreation Fees and Passes > Accomplishments > 2009 Interagency Report to Congress

2009 Second Triennial Interagency Report to Congress

Submitted June 2009

The Whole Report (2,206 KB PDF)

Title Page, Table of Contents, and Executive Summary (359 KB PDF)

Section 1 - Introduction (112 KB PDF)

Section 2 - Sample Accomplishments and Plans (1,539 KB PDF)

  • National Park Service
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Forest Service
  • Bureau of Reclamation

Section 3 - Status of REA (411 KB PDF)

  • Introduction
  • REA Statistics
  • Public Participation/Outreach
  • Interagency Pass Program
  • Accountability
  • Structure of the Program
  • Ongoing Activities to Improve REA Management

Section 4 - Conclusion (140 KB PDF)


  • Appendix A - Statistics and Budgetary Data (698 KB PDF)
  • Appendix B - Recreation Resource Advisory Committees (375 KB PDF)
  • Appendix C - National Park Service Fee Program Public Participation and Notification Guidelines (127 KB PDF)



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