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Fish and Water

Fishy Ideas


  • Alaganik Angler Signs
    Five beautiful interpretive/angler access signs that tie in a NatureWatch theme. Signs are currently in place at Cordova, Alaska.

  • Underwater Viewing Case for Cameras
    This project won the NatureWatch Program "New Innovations" Award for 2003. 49 Pages, fully illustrated. [PDF: 1.16 mb]

  • Respect the River brochure

    The Respect the River program is connecting people to their riparian environment through education, restoration efforts to return watersheds and rivers to a healthy state, and engaging the public in the restoration process. [PDF: 618 kb]

  • Salmon at Tongass National Forest, Alaska
    How cool is this? Very cool! Twenty five pages outline the Tongass National Forest Salmon Cam. Technology sure has made a difference on how we view and understand wildlife and fish. The links are hot too, so just click away. Beautiful photos and illustrations abound. NatureWatch goes techy. [PDF: 787 kb]


Video / Media


Freshwaters IllustratedFreshwaters Illustrated produces amazing videos and photos highlighting aquatic biodiversity and the importance of protecting watersheds across the nation.  Check out the upcoming Deeper Rivers film series with the Forest Service, focusing on Hellbenders, Brook Trout, and Snorkeling in the beautiful, clear waters of Appalachia, plus Willamette Futures. about the conservation efforts for the Willamette River in the northwest U.S.

State FishingThe Wildlife Forever STATE-FISH ART Contest was inspired by a bright fifth-grader from Minnesota named Kate Di Leo and her father Sal in March of 1997. While doing a research project on Minnesota's State-Fish, they discovered that very little information existed on all the different State-Fish in the U.S. They decided an event should be created that educated kids, teachers, and parents on aquatics resources, conservation, and each state's State-Fish. The Wildlife Forever STATE-FISH ART Contest was born ... and the rest is history!

take me fishingTake Me Fishing is the key destination for individuals to learn, plan, and equip for a day on the water. Whether it's planning a trip, exploring their dream boat, buying a fishing license or checking out the latest equipment, is the most comprehensive boating and fishing website available nationwide.

discovery worldShedd Aquarium in Chicago connects people to the living world with immersive learning experiences, teacher resources and professional development badges, and 32,500 animals to visit!

Project Wet LogoWorldwide Water Education. Educate. Empower. Act. The mission of Project WET is to reach children, parents, educators and communities of the world with water education. We invite you to join us in educating children about the most precious resource on the planet — water.

Project Wild Water in all its forms is one of the most dramatic of today's arenas in which informed, responsible, and constructive actions are needed. Aquatic WILD uses the simple, successful format of Project WILD activities and professional training workshops but with an emphasis on aquatic wildlife and aquatic ecology.

Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Forest Service have a partnership in water resources education.  Reaching out to Milwaukee Public Schools, Discovery World and the Forest Service mentor students in fish sampling at the Chequamegon-Nicolet and Ottawa National Forest.

Riverworks Discovery is part of the National Mississippi River Museum: a partnership effort with the Forest Service that journeys through the important roles played throughout the Mississippi River watershed. Riverworks Discovery has a traveling exhibit!