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  • Do you want to get serious about your NatureWatch-Earth efforts?  Check out the Federal Land Manager Environmental Database for chemical data monitored in air, water, and soil around the country.
  • **Another great resource is the Forest Service Air Quality Portal (WEBSITE TBD)
  • Natural indicators of air quality include lichens!  Lichen biomonitoring is helps federal land managers to detect, map, evaluate trends, and assess the ecological impacts of air pollutants To watch how they are used for reporting, look at the Lichens Database and Air Quality Database and Clearinghouse.
  • Would you like to collect air quality data right from home, and see what’s happening at other sites around the world?  The Air Quality Egg is a sensor system designed to allow anyone to collect very high resolution readings of NO2 and CO concentrations outside of their home, using the two most indicative elements related to urban air pollution using simple sensors. Citizen Science Air Quality Egg.


One thing NatureWatchers would rather feel than see is air!  When we can see air, it is oftentimes a consequence of pollution, although sometimes dust particles or high humidity is the reason.

Bitterroot Air Quality

Want to do some NatureWatching of our nation’s air quality?  These web cams cover the Forest Service Region 8 (Southeastern Region) and have the information you need to make informed observations about the air quality near you. 

Live cameras are located at:

How about the rest of the country?  Pick a location and watch what’s happening with air in real-time images across the United States (updated every 15 minutes):