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Bird Eye

NatureWatchers observe and report their observations to scientists who monitor and track changes in the natural world. Even a novice citizen scientist can provide valuable data to our knowledge of trends in species, habitats, climate and weather patterns. Read more...

NatureWatch Worldviews

Earth view from Moon

How do myths and cultural beliefs affect our perceptions of animals, insects, plants, and nature itself? Dispel illogical fears of certain animals and gain a new appreciation of others by exploring different worldviews. Read more...

NatureWatch Wisely

Owl Eyes and Beak

Reduce your impacts to our natural resources by practicing ethical wildlife and plant viewing while you're outside and enjoying your experience. Learn how to identify native species from invasive non-natives to help managers eliminate the spread of destructive pathogens, parasites, and other invasives. Read more...

NatureWatch Rare

Rare Butterfly

Finding out what causes species to be categorized as endangered, threatened or sensitive is the first step. Learn what you can do to safeguard existing habitats and species and to minimize your impacts to them through your own political or purchasing power. Read more...

NatureWatch Fish & Water


What is under the surface? Check out another state of natural appreciation in the depths of clear streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans. There is a whole other world under the surface, waiting to be explored! Read more...

NatureWatch Earth


What's happening on Earth? Soils, air, climate and geological forces are interconnected and sustain all life on the planet. Check out these resources to see what's happening in the environment surrounding you. Read more...