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A collection of 49 curricula and activity guides...

NOTE: Some of the files below are large, so a high speed internet connection is recommended. File size is noted at the end of the description (a size in "kb" is small file under 1 megabyte, and "mb" denotes larger file size in megabytes). You may encounter difficulty downloading the larger files into your web browser. If so, try clicking the right mouse button on the Acrobat icon and select "save..." on the menu to save the files to your computer.

  • 4th Grade Watershed Study
    A 27 page document of itineraries, lesson plans, and field activities for watershed and riparian studies with children. Includes sections on mist nets and water chemistry. Contributed by the Salmon-Chalis National Forest, located in Idaho. [PDF: 311 kb] 
  • 8th Grade GPS Field Day
    A 9 page GPS lesson plan and worksheet for 8th graders that was used for a Science Day activity. Kids love working with the GPS equipment - you will too. Contributed by the Salmon Field Office, BLM. [PDF: 171 kb] 
  • Aquatic Curriculum
    An amazing piece of work to use for your FishWatch Program. Included are 124 pages of curriculum objectives and essential learning requirements for topics such as fish habitat, macroinvertebrates, soils, and much much more. Don't pass this one up. You could adopt the concept for wildlife and wildflowers too. Also available as a website. Contributed by the Colville National Forest. [PDF: 3.8 mb]
  • Conservation Education Guide
    An 11-page guide is to help conservation districts carry out effective, inservice conservation training for working teachers in the public and private classroom. Contributed by the National Association of Conservation Districts and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). [PDF: 624 kb]
  • Cultural Standards
    An excellent document outlining Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools for Alaska. Designed to examine the extent to which schools are attending to the educational and cultural well-being of the students in their care. 28 pages. [PDF: 515 kb]
  • Discover Estuary
    A superbly done resource for understanding and discovering estuaries. Developed by Environment Canada and a host of partners, this fully illustrated, 122-page resource will be invaluable to you when developing NatureWatch activities for estuaries in your area. It's a large file and will take some time to download, but check it out! [PDF: 27 mb]
  • Discover Estuary Worksheets
    Fourteen investigation worksheets for the "Discover Your Estuary" guide. [PDF: 345 kb]
  • Ducks Unlimited Wetland Teacher Guide
    From Ducks Unlimited Canada - 35 pages - loaded with illustrations. [PDF: 2.4 mb]
  • Ecosystem Matters Resource Guide
    Probably one of the best, and most difficult to find, activity and resource guides for environmental educators in circulation. Look no further, its all here for your very own! One hundred and eighty three pages, and fully illustrated. Developed by the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region. [PDF: 10.8 mb]
  • Ecovan
    All you need to know about "Education on Wheels" for Watersheds. May want to think about a NatureWatch on Wheels Program? If so, this will get you off on the right foot. 62 pages, fully illustrated. [PDF: 1.2 mb]
  • Environmental Education Guidelines
    A great workbook! Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence Workbook - Bridging Theory & Practice. Contributed by the North American Association for Environmental Education. Illustrated, well organized, examples, etc. 61 pages. [PDF: 410 kb]
  • Field School
    An excellent 32 page booklet developed for the Little River Canyon Field School, an exemplary outdoor education program. Fully illustrated. An excellent cooperative effort with Jacksonville State University, Forest Service Southern Region, National Park Service, Alabama State Parks and more. [PDF: 1.4 mb]
  • Florida Bear Activity Guide
    29 pages on the Florida Black Bear. [PDF: 1.3 mb]
  • Forest Handbook
    A very nice handbook developed by the Society of American Foresters American Forest Foundation, designed to introduce people to forests and forestry. 21 pages. [PDF: 403 kb]
  • Forest Stewardship Activity Guide
    An excellent Forest Stewardship Activity Guide that includes plans for bat box construction and a variety of other activities that kids love to do. Very well illustrated. Additional activities begin on page 51. A valuable resource. 91 pages. [PDF: 3 mb]
  • FS Learner Guidelines
    Forest Service Conservation Education Learner Guidelines for Programs and Materials. Grades K-12 are included. 55 pages. [PDF: 1 mb]
  • Gopher Tortoise Activity Book
    An excellent 16-page curricula on Gopher Tortoises from the USFWS [PDF: 1.3 mb]
  • Grizzly Bear & Wolf Curriculum
    An excellent teacher resource for grizzly bears and wolves. Loaded with activities and information! Fully illustrated. 123 pages. Want to know how many big macs a bear could eat in a day? Check out page 17 to find out! [PDF: 3.1 mb]
  • Grow Forest Handbook
    Here's a great handbook on How to Grow a School Forest. Loaded with tons of great activities. 141 pages with live internet links and more. Supported by the Wisconsin Forest Resources Education Alliance. Thanks to them! [PDF: 3.3 mb]
  • Guidelines For Learning
    A superb resource that provides students, parents, educators, home schoolers, administrators, policy makers, and the public a set of common, voluntary guidelines for environmental education. K-12. 115 pages. Thanks to the North American Association for Environmental Education for this valuable resource. [PDF: 994 kb]
  • Guidelines for Nonformal Environmental Education
    Draft Guidelines for excellence in non-formal environmental education program development and implementation. The document points out six key characteristics of high quality non-formal environmental education programs. For each of these characteristics, guidelines are then listed for non-formal programs to follow. 14 pages. [PDF: 48 kb]
  • Habitat Educator Guide
    An outstanding Educators Guide for Wetlands from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Extremely well done and beautifully presented. An electronic field trip, activity sheets, lesson plans, illustrations, etc. 46 pages. [PDF: 3.2 mb]
  • If You Owned the Ecosystem
    A 12 page activity for 5th - 8th graders that asks the question "What if you owned the ecosystem." Taken from "Ecosystem Matters" which is provided in its entirety on this website. [PDF: 1 mb]
  • Investigating Your Environment
    Investigating Your Environment is a tremendous resource for much of your environmental education needs. The wonders of technology bring all 641 pages to you on this CD. Enjoy! [PDF: 6.4 mb]
  • Karst Caves Curriculum
    An outstanding Teacher's resource guide for Karst and Caves. Bring your NatureWatch Program underground with exciting activities for children and adults. Although the guide was developed for Alaska, it has broad utility. 36 pages, and beautifully illustrated. [PDF: 5.2 mb]
  • Meeting Standards Naturally
    Features free activities that help teachers and other educators promote academic excellence and environmental literacy. [PDF: 5.3 mb]
  • Migratory Bird Day Educators Guide
    Check out Migratory Bird Day Activities in the Eyes on Wildlife Section. [PDF: 1.5 mb]
  • Non Point Pollution Model
    This is a wonderful project. Consider building one with your partners. This 17 page document shows you how and much more! Check it out. Thanks to Environment Canada for this contribution. [PDF: 2.7 mb]
  • National Wildlife Federation - Animal Homes
    Summary: Participants will explore different animal homes and how they are built. Grade Level: 3-6. [PDF: 497 kb]
  • NWF - Bird Behavior Hike
    For grades 3-6 [PDF: 482 kb]
  • NWF - Build a Flower
    For grades 2-6 [PDF: 312 kb]
  • NWF - Habitat Shrink
    For grades 1-6 [PDF: 421 kb]
  • NWF - Watercycle
    For grades 2-8 [PDF: 429 kb]
  • NWF - Woodland Chase
    For grades 3-6 [PDF: 396 kb]
  • Prince William Activity Book
    An excellent booklet loaded with activities for kids. Broad application to other resource areas. 28 pages of fun! [PDF: 1.4 mb]
  • Rain Forest Curriculum
    A fantastic resource for teaching all about Rain Forests. A tremendous contribution from "Rain Bird." Full color illustrations. 126 pages! [PDF: 2.6 mb]
  • Salmon Curriculum
    An excellent education curriculum for salmon. Loads of information and activities all fully illustrated. Developed by the US Forest Service, Alaska Region. 72 pages. [PDF: 1 mb]
  • Salmon Fest Curriculum
    Are you in need for an excellent salmon curriculum? Don't reinvent the wheel. These are actually pre and post activities for the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival, but you will find them valuable even without the festival. 120 pages for you to use as is, or edit to your needs. [PDF: 2.1 mb]
  • Salmon Nation
    An absolutely superb booklet on Salmon in the Northwest. Beautifully illustrated, full color and extraordinary maps. 44 pages. Many thanks to Ecotrust for their willingness to share this wonderful resource. [PDF: 10.4 mb]
  • Stream Scene
    The State of Oregon's Aquatic Education Curriculum - complete! 579 Pages. Many thanks to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for this valuable contribution. [PDF: 12.1 mb]
  • USFWS Wetland Education Guide
    National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Year 1903-2003 Special Event [PDF: 2.1 mb]
  • Visual Tools Watershed Education
    The National Leadership Forum Report from the The National Environmental Education & Training Foundation and The Henry P. Kendall Foundation. An excellent collection of papers and activities for Watershed Education. 40 pages [PDF: 1.7 mb]
  • Wetland Ecosystems -- Student Journal Gr. 4-6
    An outstanding Wetland Ecosystems Student Journal that is accompanied by a Teachers Guide (below). Contributed by Ducks Unlimited Canada. The complete set (provided below) covers grades 4-12. Hundreds of pages. Fully illustrated. Top Notch! [PDF: 758 kb]
  • Wetland Ecosystems -- Student Journal Gr. 7-8
    An outstanding Wetland Ecosystems Student Journal that is accompanied by a Teachers Guide (below). Contributed by Ducks Unlimited Canada. The complete set (provided here) covers grades 4-12. Hundreds of pages. Fully illustrated. Top Notch! [PDF: 758 kb] [PDF: 809 kb]
  • Wetland Ecosystems -- Student Journal Gr. 9-12
    An outstanding Wetland Ecosystems Student Journal that is accompanied by a Teachers Guide (below). Contributed by Ducks Unlimited Canada. The complete set (provided here) covers grades 4-12. Hundreds of pages. Fully illustrated. Top Notch! [PDF: 785 kb]
  • Wetland Ecosystems -- Teachers Gr. 4-6
    Educator's guide to accompany the student journals above. [PDF: 1 mb]
  • Wetland Ecosystems -- Teachers Gr. 7-8
    Educator's guide to accompany the student journals above. [PDF: 1 mb]
  • Wetland Ecosystems -- Teachers Gr. 9-12
    Educator's guide to accompany the student journals above. [PDF: 491 kb]