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22 great examples, ideas and inspiration for watching wildlife.

NOTE: Some of the files below are large, so a high speed internet connection is recommended. File size is noted at the end of the description (a size in "kb" is small file under 1 megabyte, and "mb" denotes larger file size in megabytes).


Animal Inn Activity Book
There is life in dead trees! This twelve page activity book provides you many resources to get the message across effectively. Coloring pages, sketchbook, etc. included. [PDF: 1.9 mb]
Animal Inn Handbook
This document provides all the background material you need to fully understand the Animal Inn Program. Fifteen pages. [PDF: 378 kb]
Animal Inn Puppet Show
A complete script for the "Sally Snag Show." Just what you need to teach children about life in dead trees and have fun at the same time. Eight pages. [PDF: 149 kb]
Backyard Habitat

Four delightful examples of the USDI Fish and Wildlife Service's "Backyard Habitat for Wildlife" flyers. Beautifully done and great examples to work from. [PDF: 1.7 mb]

Birding Festival
An absolutely wonderful birding festival in Leavenworth, Washington. Check out how it was put together. Visions, persistence, commitment and partnerships prevail again. Great material to view before you start planning your festival. 24 pages, full color. [PDF: 1.6 mb]
Birding Florida
Guide to Florida's top birding spots. [PDF: 11 mb]
How to Organize a Birding or Nature Festival
A must have "How-to" guide for Birding and Nature Festivals. The popularity of nature-based community festivals is booming. Start one in your community and watch the support grow for your NatureWatch Program. You need this! Beautifully done. Thanks to Nancy Millar and the American Birding Association for this contribution. 32 Pages. [PDF: 2.5 mb]
Bird Watching Basics
From Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. [PDF: 205 kb]
Checklist of Florida Amphibians & Reptiles
7-page checklist. [PDF: 108 kb]
Checklist of Florida Mammals
11-page checklist. [PDF: 147 kb]
Checklists for Wildlife Viewing Areas
Are you a person who likes to make lists? You have just arrived in heaven. Checklists and more checklists for Wildlife Viewing Areas and much much more. 8 pages. [PDF: 3.4 mb]
Klamath Bird Book
Interagency cooperation is what it took to develop these outstanding interpretive and activity booklets for kids. One of three (Birds, Fish, and Wildflowers). Great graphics, clip art, activities and more. Forty one pages. Check it out! [PDF: 3.3 mb]
Migratory Bird Day
This is a superb effort. Probably everything you need to have a migratory bird day celebration. Don't forget to click on Organizer's Packet and Educator's Packet (provided below) which includes excellent activities, clip art and much more... 154 total pages of great stuff. [PDF: 787 kb]
Migratory Bird Day Educator's Guide
Migratory Bird Day Educators Guide - 60 pages [PDF: 1.5 mb]
Migratory Bird Day Organizer's Guide
Migratory Bird Day Organizers Guide - 94 pages of great ideas. [PDF: 3.6 mb]
The World of Watchers
Implications of the Preliminary U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2001 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife Associated Recreation [PDF: 27 kb]
Viewing Glasses
Very very cool viewing glasses for kids. Check them out!!! Cut them out! One page. [PDF: 357 kb]
Virginia Birding Trail
A few sample pages from a great birding guidebook. [PDF: 9.4 mb]
Wildlife List
A species checklist from the Colville National Forest, located in the State of Washington. Complete with habitat and status rating. [PDF: 91 kb]
Wildlife Viewing Tour
An excellent 19 page wildlife viewing tour document complete with photographs, map, and interpretive narratives. Contributed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. [PDF: 1.5 mb]
Watchable Wildlife
A fantastic slide presentation made at the 2003 Watchable Wildlife Conference by David Whitehurst, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Great photographs and content to help market their Watchable Wildlife Program - which is truly exemplary. Many thanks for this contribution. [PDF: 4.2 mb]
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