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Watching Guidelines

An excellent collection of wildlife watching tips from all over North America.

NOTE: Some of the files below are large, so a high speed internet connection is recommended. File size is noted at the end of the description (a size in "kb" is small file under 1 megabyte, and "mb" denotes larger file size in megabytes).


BC Wildlife Watch Tips
Wildlife watching tips from Canada. [PDF: 370 kb]
Bird Watching Basics
Intro for beginning birdwatchers. [PDF: 1.7 mb]
Butterfly Watching
A great guide from Texas. [PDF: 1.2 mb]
California Viewing Tips

California Fish and Game Dept. viewing tips. [PDF: 112 kb]

Intro To Birdwatching
Another great guide from Texas. [PDF: 2.7 mb]
Keep Wildlife Wild
Rack card from Bear Aware program. [PDF: 2.2 mb]
Marine Sanctuary Diving
An excellent 8 page guide to diving in National Marine Sanctuaries - a very fragile environment that attracts thousands of nature watching enthusiasts. [PDF: 13 mb]
Positive Wildlife Viewing
Sample pages from an excellent publication from Colorado Division of Wildlife. [PDF: 6.8 mb]
Tidepool Etiquette
Great brochure from Alaska. [PDF: 731 kb]
Whale Watching
An excellent two-page brochure for a NatureWatch Interpretive trail. Thanks to the Allegheny National Forest for this contribution. [PDF: 2.3 mb]
Wildlife Stewardship
Excellent 8-page publication. [PDF: 17 mb]
Wildlife Viewing Tips
Some good-sense rules for watching wildlife etiquette. One page. From Colorado DNR. [PDF: 59 kb]
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