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More than 20 ideas on marketing NatureWatch programs...

NOTE: Some of the files below are large, so a high speed internet connection is recommended. File size is noted at the end of the description (a size in "kb" is small file under 1 megabyte, and "mb" denotes larger file size in megabytes).


Agency Birthday Flyer
A fun one-page flyer celebrating the 100th Birthday of the National Wildlife Refuges. Check out the use of an educational quiz and word scramble. [PDF: 118 kb]
A Great Tabloid
Tired of the same old ways to discuss Forest "issues" with the public? Here is a very nice public outreach effort on 10 Ways you can help your National Forest in Southern California. Easy to read and understand, this document has a fresh approach to communicating "issues" using Wildlife characters. Fun to read and get ideas from for your NatureWatch Program. 4 pages. [PDF: 3.7 mb]
Allegheny NF Annual Report
A very nice Forest-level annual report that highlights a NatureWatch Program effort. Three pages. [PDF: 427 kb]
Aquatic Education Synopsis

About twelve years ago the Forest Service Pacific Northwest Fisheries Program had a vision to create a network of highly visible and effective Aquatic Education/NatureWatch programs throughout Oregon and Washington. This synopsis documents the success and the reality of what persistence and commitment can bring over a long period of time with dedicated field people and partners. Six pages. Check out the website at the end of the document for additional information. [PDF: 9.3 mb]

Backyard Conservation Movie
A short and fun cartoon movie. [MOV: 449 kb]
Conserving Nature Report
A beautiful 28 page report of the US Fish and Widlife Service. Excellent photography and easy-to-read and understand text. [PDF: 541 kb]
District Naturewatch Program
A beautifully done District-level NatureWatch Program report. Check it out and be amazed!! If you are looking for an example of a very complete Program, this is as good as it gets. 53 pages! [PDF: 9 mb]
Fishing Week / Bird Day
An excellent 4 page National Fishing Week and International Migratory Bird Day brochure. Contributed by the Colville National Forest. [PDF: 3 mb]
Guide to Effective Ads
An absolutely wonderful booklet on what makes an effective ad for a non-profit or government agency. Many thanks to Andy Goodman for this contribution. Check out Andy's website for more great information on communication. [PDF: 3.7 mb]
Hearts Content Scenic Area
An excellent two-page brochure for a NatureWatch Interpretive trail. Thanks to the Allegheny National Forest for this contribution. [PDF: 1.8 mb]
Interpretive Media Flyer
A very nice one-page flyer from a Forest Service Enterprise Team. Clear and concise. Check it out and consider using them for your NatureWatch Program needs. [PDF: 120 kb]
Interpretive Placemats
Placemats are a great way to communicate information to a wide variety of audiences. This excellent example is for noxious weeds and ties in the adventures of Lewis and Clark. Beautifully done! [PDF: 5.6 mb]
Little Drummer Pathway
An extremely well done interpretive guide for the Little Drummer Historical Pathway, located on the Allegheny National Forest. Very informative and complete. 22 pages. [PDF: 22 mb]
Making Nature Your Business
Nature-based tourism is big business. Check out this nice brochure from the Texas Cooperative Extension Service - The Texas A&M University System. Four pages. [PDF: 9.7 mb]
Naturewatch Brochure
A somewhat outdated brochure... look for a new one soon. [PDF: 3 mb]
Sample Forest Level Report
A very nice forest-level report on watershed restoration. Consider it for form and style for a NatureWatch Program Report. Thanks to the Mt.Hood National Forest for this contribution. [PDF: 1 mb]
Ski Tour Watching Wildlife
NatureWatch in the snow. A beautiful brochure for guided ski and snowshoe tours. One page. [PDF: 345 kb]
Don't be afraid to open this one! Creativity is on the loose in Alaska! [PDF: 98 kb]
Tsalila Flyer
This wonderful program on the Oregon Coast continues to grow and develop. Once again, persistence and commitment are the keys to success. Two pages. [PDF: 99 kb]
Watchable Wildlife Article
A very nice newspaper article about the increasing popularity of watchable wildlife opportunities in Oregon. [PDF: 126 kb]
Water Fest Press Release
Need to write a short news article for a NatureWatch activity or festival? Here is a nice sample to get you started. One page. [PDF: 45 kb]
WFRP Report Sample
An excellent NatureWatch accomplishment report taken from our Wildlife, Fish, Rare Plant (and NatureWatch) report. The value of this report is immeasurable. [PDF: 657 kb]
Wildflower Article
This excellent article by Wayne Owen, Forest Service National Botanist, was featured in WOW magazine. Have a look and see how well-written articles can be effective marketing and communication mediums for our NatureWatch Programs. Try one yourself for a local publication or newspaper. Sixteen pages, full color. [PDF: 1.1 mb]
Winging Northward Brochure
A great flyer for a great project. Lots of color, excellent pictures and overall eye-catching appeal. 2 pages. [PDF: 127 kb]
Wild Washington License
A great opportunity to promote and fund wildlife viewing opportunities and get a cool license plate as well! [PDF: 603 kb]
Live Video Exhibit
NEW -- Forest Service's portion of an exhibit that is bringing in LIVE STREAMING VIDEO via a dedicated T-1 line of eagles and salmon from remote sites on National Forests in the Northwest. [PDF: 209 kb]
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