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24 examples, ideas, and inspiration and just plain fishy things you can use.

NOTE: Some of the files below are large, so a high speed internet connection is recommended. File size is noted at the end of the description (a size in "kb" is small file under 1 megabyte, and "mb" denotes larger file size in megabytes).


Alaganik Angler Signs
Five beautiful interpretive and angler access signs that tie in a NatureWatch theme. This effort was submitted through the Forest Service Wildlife, Fish, and Rare Plant (WFRP) report, which provides project costs and contacts. Signs are located in Cordova, Alaska. [PDF: 1.1 mb]
Faucet Fish
Just one of those marketing efforts you can't do without to help conserve water, money and fish. Just fold the tab to a 90 degree angle and attach to any faucet/spigot with a small rubber band. You can print (two-sided) and distribute thousands of these pretty darn cheap. Let your mind roam and think of other clever places you can attach these...... :) Contact Don Virgovic for details at 503 808-2675. [PDF: 2.7 mb]
Fish Anatomy
A one-page fish anatomy diagram. [PDF: 79 kb]
Fish Hat

A fun FishWatch marketing gimmick that kids just love. Just cut it out, staple both sides together, leaving the bottom open, and put it on! Contact Don Virgovic for details at (503) 808-2675 [PDF: 2 mb]

Fish Line Hazard
Fishing Line - a Hazard to Bald Eagles. [PDF: 23 kb]
Fish Videos
Page with descriptions and links to MPG fish movie files on this website. See also "Underwater Camera Case" link below for detailed instructions on how to build one. [PDF: 29 kb]
Frank & Frances Fish - English version
A fun and colorful booklet for kids. 14 pages. [PDF: 1.9 mb]
Frank & Frances Fish - Spanish version
A fun and colorful booklet for kids. 14 pages. [PDF: 1.9 mb]
A very interesting way to introduce FishWatch into your NatureWatch Program. 24 pages. Fully Illustrated. Thanks to Don Duff, Dr. Fred Eales, and Joe McGurrin for this presentation. [PDF: 4.1 mb]
Kidfish Worksheet 1
From website. A 1-page worksheet. [PDF: 24 kb]
Klamath Fish Book
Interagency cooperation is what it took to develop these outstanding interpretive and activitiy booklets for kids. One of three (Birds, Fish, and Wildflowers). Great graphics, clip art, activities and more. Thirty four pages. Check it out! [PDF: 8.3 mb]
Respect the River brochure
The Forest Service Respect the River program is connecting people to their riparian environment through education, returning watersheds and rivers to a healthy state through restoration, and involving the public in the restoration process through empowerment. Check out their website at: -- Lots of materials for recreationists and resource managers. [PDF: 618 kb]
Salmon Cam
How cool is this? Very cool! Twenty five pages outline the Tongass National Forest Salmon Cam. Technology sure has made a difference on how we view and understand wildlife and fish. The links are hot too, so just click away. Beautiful photos and illustrations abound. NatureWatch goes techy. [PDF: 787 kb]
Salmon Coloring book
C'mon, you know you like coloring books. Open this one! 15 pages of Salmon to color to your heart's content! Excellent. [PDF: 728 kb]
Scales & Tales Fun Sheets
Really nice, and really fun aquatic activity sheets from BC, Canada. 18 Pages. [PDF: 1.2 mb]
SalmonNation Species Poster
137 species rely on Pacific salmon... a great poster. [PDF: 2.8 mb]
SalmonNation -- What it is
Cool map poster explaining what SalmonNation is all about. [PDF: 639 kb]
SalmonNation Lands and Waters
Another cool map poster [PDF: 1.8 mb]
Something Fishy
You are going to like this one. 25 pages of a State-Fish Art Project Lesson Plan. Something's Fishy! Thanks to Wildlife Forever for this contribution. [PDF: 488 kb]
Stream Simulator
Partners are always looking for a good project to do. Here is a complete package for a stream simulator project, complete with photos, curriculum, construction drawings, and materials list. 20 pages. This is an excellent effort. [PDF: 2.3 mb]
Student Sportfish Handbook
All you need for teaching sport fishing to children. Includes tips on safety too. Fully illustrated. 28 pages. Thanks to the Sport Fish Restoration for this fine contribution. [PDF: 771 kb]
Trout Life Cycle Game
Check out this fun game on cutthroat trout life cycles. Many thanks to the Forest Service Southwest Region Fisheries Program for this contribution. [PDF: 13 mb]
Underwater Camera Case
This project won the National NatureWatch Program "new innovations" award for 2003. Come see why! 49 Pages, fully illustrated, and an absolutely wonderful project to share with partners when there is a need for "something fun to do...!" See FISH VIDEOS link above to see the actual movies. [PDF: 1.1 mb]
Viewing Glasses
If you need to justify buying fish glasses use this. [PDF: 851 kb]
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