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White Mountain Forest

Partnering for Habitat Improvements

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White Mountain Forest is a national forest located primarily in New Hampshire and the bordering areas of Maine. It offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling as well as scenic and historic areas for all to enjoy.

The White Mountain National Forest provides many important resources for both wildlife and public visitors alike. The Forest Service and National Resources Conservation Service wanted to expand these benefits to nearby landowners in the Upper Connecticut River area of Northern New Hampshire.

To do so, the two agencies leveraged their expertise and resources in a way that linked together federal lands and nearby private lands into larger sustainable landscapes, rather than separate parcels of land. This cooperation across agency boundaries led to improved fish and wildlife management on broader scale. Forest Service staff partnered with NRCS program personnel to demonstrate positive conservation practices, and targeted their efforts in a focused landscape that could benefit from their joint efforts.  Forest Service improvements on the National Forest when linked with NRCS investments in nearby towns resulted in more quality wildlife habitat and improved stream connectivity for brook trout.

The partnership was so successful that is was awarded the Two Chiefs’ Partnership Award. Presented from the Chiefs of the Forest Service and National Resources Conservation Service branches of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the award recognized the work of White Mountain National forest supervisor Tom Wagner and New Hampshire NRCS state conservationist Rick Ellsmore, as well as the many individuals who supported their efforts.

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