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Marin County

Land Protection Near Urban Areas

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 Image Credit: County of Marin

The land in Marin County is as varied as it is beautiful. Some of the remarkable landscapes include redwood forests, farmlands, and seashores.

Marin County has always valued its wildlife and scenic landscapes. While the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937 made commuting from Marin to San Francisco easier, many Marin citizens worried that there would be negative repercussions for the environment. To prevent this from happening, the Marin Conservation League (MCL) was formed. The MCL created the county’s first open space plan and laid the foundation for its park system. Another tool used to preserve open space in the area includes the Marin County Open Space District. The district uses taxes and grants to buy and maintain land such as greenbelts and nature preserves.

The Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) is another critical force in the county’s natural preservation. The first land trust entirely for farmlands, MALT is responsible for conservation easements of farmland. It has helped to protect tens of thousands of acres. Today, Marin County is known for these farmlands and other landscapes, many of which are accessible for the public to enjoy.

Additional Information:
Marin Agricultural Land Trust
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Contact: Brian Crawford, Director of Community Development, bcrawford “at”, (415) 473-6268.

Reference: Pruetz, Rick. 2012. Lasting Value: Open Space Planning and Preservation Successes.  Planners Press. 232 pp.