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Bozeman Pass

Conserving a Migration Corridor

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Image Credit: USDA FS

Bozeman Pass is a region is a mountain pass found between the Bridger and Gallatin mountain ranges in Montana. It is known for its value as a wildlife migration corridor—many species use the pass yearly to migrate across mountain ranges. 

Due to its proximity to the city of Bozeman and its scenic views, Bozeman Pass was at high risk for development. This would prove harmful to the species that needed the migration corridor, such as the mule deer, black bear, and mountain lion, as well as create a loss of public recreation space.

Over a long-term partnership, several groups worked to preserve the area. The Trust for Public Land (TPL), Gallatin County, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT), the Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT), and the Gallatin National Forest branch of the Forest Service were main partners in this conservation project.

Through the efforts of these groups and the nearby community, several important steps were taken. A large conservation easement, phased land purchases, land donation, two donated trail easements and a road easement means that the area is safe from development. It has since provided popular recreation spots for the public to hike, fish, rock climb, and take in the views.

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