What is eAuthentication?

eAuthentication is the USDA's single sign-on system that allows you to access department Web applications and services via the Internet using one user ID and password. eAuthentication accounts are available for both USDA employees and non-staff customers/contractors. With an eAuthentication account, you can submit forms electronically, complete surveys online, and log in to official Web applications, such as I-Web.  

How Does eAuthentication Work with I-Web?

When you try to access I-Web, the browser checks whether you are logged in to eAuthentication. If you are logged in, I-Web opens; otherwise, you are redirected to the USDA's eAuthentication page and asked to enter your user ID and password. After you log in to eAuthentication, I-Web opens.  

You can access I-Web with an eAuthentication account, but you need an I-Web profile to view and edit I-Web data. Your I-Web profile determines which information you can access and whether you can edit that information. Your I-Web profile does not require a secondary user ID and password.

For more information about obtaining an eAuthentication account, see Request an eAuthentication Account. For more information about obtaining an I-Web profile, see Request an I-Web Profile.

Do I Have an eAuthentication Account?

If you are a federal Forest Service employee, then you should already have an eAuthentication account. Typically, your user name is your first initial plus last name followed by "@fs". If you cannot remember your user name or password, see the links to the eAuthentication Web site available in Request an eAuthentication Account.