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US Forest Service
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, D.C.

(800) 832-1355

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Little girl taking a picture of flowers

The Natural Inquirer is a middle school science education journal created so that scientists can share their research with middle school students. Each article tells you about research conducted by scientists in the U.S. Forest Service.


  • Wildland Fire Edition 1 includes:
    - Let’s Clear the Air: The Danger of Forest Fire Smoke to Firefighters
    - Fighting Fire with Fire: Protecting the Homes of People and Birds
    - Liar! Liar! House on Fire! The Relationship Between Trees, Wildland Fire, and Damage to Homes
  • …and more!
  • Wildland Fire Edition 2 includes:
  • - Keeping It Local: How Federal Wildfire Policy Is Implemented at the Local Level
    - Pecking Order: What Types of Post-Fire Snag Areas Do Woodpeckers Prefer?
    - Trust Is a Must: What Is Involved in Trusting Those Who Manage Forest Fires?
  • …and more!


Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear

Building a campfire can be a lot of fun. But be sure to keep safety in mind before, during, and after you've built it. Smokey Bear's campfire safety guide and these other tips will help keep you, and others, safe when you’re in the forest.






Winning Smokey Bear contest poster

Want to help spread the word? Draw your wildfire prevention poster and enter the Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl poster contest. You just might win a trip to Washington, D.C. , to meet some very important people! Don’t forget to read the rules first.










Are you ready?


Are you ready! to put your planning skills to good use? Are you ready to help your family get prepared for wildfires? Your family can use this Web site to create a plan that will help you be ready for many different kinds of unexpected situations!






Forest puzzles

Forest Puzzles

What happens in forests, why do we need them and how should we manage them?








Symbol of Predictive Services office at NIFC

Bee safe

Use these wildland bee coloring sheets to learn about safety in the forest.










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