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List of movies filmed on national forests

Since Hollywood started making movies, national forests have often been a bit player if not played a significant supporting role.


Television movies and series also have filmed on national forests, especially the San Bernardino National Forest in California because of its close proximity to Hollywood. At least one scene from episodes of “Adventures of Superman,” “Bonanza,” “Columbo,” “Hill Street Blues” and “The Wonder Years,” among others, were shot on the San Bernardino.


Here is a partial list of big-screen movies that had location filming on a national forest:


Angeles National Forest

1994: Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
1996: Star Trek: First Contact

Black Hills National Forest  

1965: Deadwood ‘76
1977: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1990: Dances with Wolves
2004: Hidalgo

Boise National Forest  

1989: Always

Bridge Teton National Forest  

1971: The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
1980: The Mountain Men

Carson National Forest

1975: Bite the Bullet
1994: Lightning Jack
2003: Off the Map

Coconino National Forest  

1965: The Rounders
1975: Movin’ On: Landslide
1978: Comes a Horseman
1989: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
1992: Hard Hunted
2006: Sasquatch Mountain
2011: Holbrook

Coronado National Forest

1967: Hombre
1980: Tom Horn
1986: ¡Three Amigos! 

Custer National Forest  

1993: The Ballad of Little Jo

Deschutes National Forest

1975: Rooster Cogburn; The Apple Dumpling Gang

El Dorado National Forest  

1999: Bicentennial Man

Gallatin National Forest

1992: A River Runs Through It

Idaho Panhandle National Forests

1997: Dante’s Peak

Inyo National Forest
1940: The Return of Frank James
1946: My Pal Trigger
1948: Silver River
1950: Frenchie
1957: Night Passage
1962: How the West Was Won; Ride the High Country
1966: Nevada Smith
1969: True Grit
1971: Shoot Out
1972: High Plains Drifter; Joe Kidd
1975: The Other Side of the Mountain; The Grizzly and the Treasure
1981: First Monday in October
1991: For the Boys
1992: Big Girls Don’t Cry … They Get Even
2007: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Kootenai National Forest  

1989: Always
1994: The River Wild

Las Padres National Forest

1975: The Apple Dumpling Gang

Mt. Baker National Forest

1997: Dante’s Peak

Nantahala National Forest

1991: Nell

National Forests in Oregon (Deschutes, Mount Hood, Wallowa-Whitman and Willamette)

1993: Homeward Bound

Pike-San Isabel National Forest

1978: How the West Was Won

Pisgah National Forest

1992: The Last of the Mohicans
2012: The Hunger Games

San Bernardino National Forest

1915: Birth of a Nation
1920: The Last of the Mohicans
1937: Heidi
1939: Gone with the Wind
1942: King of the Mounties
1943: Lassie Come Home
1945: Dillinger
1946: The Yearling
1953: Shane
1954: Creature from the Black Lagoon
1956: Giant
1957: Old Yeller
1960: North to Alaska
1963: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
1965: The Great Race
1968: The Love Bug; Dr. Doolittle
1969: Paint Your Wagon
1979: The Main Event
1983: War Games
1989: Troop Beverly Hills
1995: The American President
1996: Space Jam; A Pig’s Tale
1998: City of Angels; The Parent Trap
1999: The Insider
2001: Dr. Doolittle
2002: Mr. Deeds
2007: Next
2008: Valkyrie

Santa Fe National Forest

1988: The Milagro Beanfield War
2007: 3:10 to Yuma
2013: The Lone Ranger

Shawnee National Forest

1962: How the West Was Won

Stanislaus National Forest

1954: Apache

Tongass National Forest, Alaska  

1982: The Thing

Tonto National Forest

1962: How the West Was Won
2001: Winged Migration

Uinta National Forest  

1976: Baker’s Hawk

Umpqua National Forest  

1993: Fire in the Sky

Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

1962: How the West Was Won

Wasatch National Forest  

1989: Halloween 5
1982: Mountain Charlie
1976: Baker’s Hawk

White River National Forest

1983: Copper Mountain


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