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Northeastern Research Station

Forestry Sciences Laboratory

PO Box 267
Irvine, PA 16329

(814) 563-1040

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About Us

The staff of Research Work Unit NE-4152, in Warren, Pennsylvania, conducts basic and applied forest ecosystem research to enhance understanding of Allegheny Plateau forests. We provide basic scientific understanding leading to management guidelines and management unit indicators for forest ecosystems in Pennsylvania, the Allegheny Plateau, and adjacent regions, focused on sustaining values of biological diversity, economic and ecological productivity, forest health and vitality, and contributions to carbon cycles. Our research is conducted in the Allegheny Plateau region, at the stand, stand aggregate, and landscape level. Through this regional research, we contribute to basic understanding of forest ecosystems and sustainable forest management.

This research unit is part of the Northeastern Research Station of the USDA Forest Service. The main office is located in Irvine, PA.

A field station, the Kane Experimental Forest is located on the Allegheny National Forest in Elk County, PA

This research unit began as part of the Allegheny Forest Experiment Station in 1932 with Ashbel Hough serving as Principal Silviculturist spending summers on the Kane Experimental Forest, and winters in Philadelphia.

In the decade of the 1960's the main offices were moved to the current location in Irvine, PA with a complete year-round staff of scientists and technicians.