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Yude Pan
Research Scientist

Yude Pan610.557.4205
610.557.4095 (fax) (e-mail)

Ph.D., State University of New York at Syracuse, Plant Ecology, 1993
M.S., Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Quantitative Plant Ecology, 1984
B.S., China University of Oceanography, China. Mathematics, 1982

US Forest Service, Northern Global Change Program, Newtown Square, PA, USA. Research Scientist, 1997-
The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, USA. Postdoctoral Research Associate & Research Associate, 1994 – 1997
Columbia University, Tree-ring Lab, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY, USA. Summer Research Associate, 1993
State University of New York at Syracuse, Department of Environmental and Forest Biology, Syracuse, New York, USA. Graduate Research Assistant, 1987 – 1993
Dartmouth College, Resource Policy Center, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. Visiting Research Fellow, 1986 – 1987

TEACHING EXPERIENCES:                                                University of Toledo, Earth, Ecological and Environmental Sciences, Toledo, OH, USA.  Adjunct Professor, 2001 -              
Guest lecturer for Biogeochemistry classes, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 2003-  
Committee and major supervisor of a graduate student
, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 2005-

Ecosystem ecology, global change biology, ecological modeling, climate change, biogeochemistry, ecological impacts of multiple environmental stresses, land-river interactions, land disturbances, vegetation dynamics and biogeography.

US Forest Service, Northern Global Change Program, Award for Developing collaborative research programs with university partners, 2006
US Forest Service, Global Change Research,  Award for outstanding research, 2004
US Forest Service, NE, Award for APA Program, 2002
US Forest Service, NE, International Forestry Award, 2002
US Forest Service, NE, Award for research merit, 2001
The ESA Travel Grand Award for Graduate Students, 1992
Natural Science Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1990
McIntire-Stennis Scholarship, 1989-1991
SUNY Research Foundation Scholarship, 1988-1989
Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation Research Fellowship, 1986-1987

Session Chair: International Conference on Regional Carbon Budget, August 16-18, 2006, Beijing, China
Session Convener, European Geoscience Union General Assemble 2006, April 2-7, Vienna, Austria
Scientific Committee, IGBP Global Carbon Project workshop, 2004, November 15-18, Beijing, China
Session Chair, 3rd International N Conference, October 12-16, 2004, Nanjing, China
President, the Sino-Eco Club Overseas, 2000- 2002
Board member, the Ecological Society of China, 2000-2002
Board member, the International Relations Committee, Ecological Society of America, 1999- 2001
Secretary, Asian Ecology Section, Ecological Society of America, 1994- 1996
Symposium Organizer, the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, August 10-13, 1997, Albuquerque, New Mexico Member,  Ecological Society of America, 1989- present
Member, American Geophysical Union, 2000-present

Reviewers/Panelists for refereed journals, books and proposals: Global Change Biology, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Ecosystems, Forest Science, Forest Ecology and Management, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Environmental Management, Climate Research, Journal of American Water Resources Association, Freshwater Biology, Forestry, Journal of Arid Environments, Environmental Modeling and Software, Ecological Modeling, Acta Phytoecologia Sinica, Acta Ecologica Sinica; Global Ecology (book), Modern Ecology(book); Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (FCSCA), Asian-Pacific Network for Global Change Research(APN), Eastern Center of DOE National Institute for Climatic Change Research

Pan Y, Birdsey R, Hom J, McCullough K, Clark K. 2006. Improved Estimates of Net Primary Productivity from MODIS Satellite Data at Regional and Local Scales. Ecological Applications 16(1):125-132

Hom J, Pan Y, McCullough K. 2006. Implication for forest ecosystem sustainability and resiliency. In: Adams MB, DeWalle DR and Hom JL (eds). The Fernow Watershed Acidification Study, Springer,  p237-257                                                                  

Luo T, Luo J, Pan Y. 2005. Leaf traits and associated ecosystem characteristics across subtropical and timberline forests in Gongga Mountains, eastern Tibetan Plateau. Oecologia 142:261-273

Luo T, Brown S, Pan Y, Shi P, Ouyang H, Yu Z, Zhu H. 2005. Root biomass along subtropical to alpine gradients: Global implication from Tibetan transect studies. Forest Ecology and Management 206: 349-363           

Pan Y, Luo T, Birdsey R, Hom J, Melillo J. 2004. New estimates of carbon storage and sequestration in China forests: Impacts of age and method in inventory-based carbon estimation. Climate Change 67:211-236

Pan Y, Hom J, Birdsey R, McCullough K. 2004. Impacts of rising nitrogen deposition on N exports from forests to surface waters in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Environmental Management 33 (4):s120-s131

Pan Y, Hom J, Jenkins J, Birdsey R. 2004. Importance of foliar nitrogen concentration to predict forest in the Mid-Atlantic region. Forest Science 50(3): 270-289

Luo T, Pan Y, Ouyang H, Shi P, Luo J, Yu Z. 2004. Leaf area index and net primary productivity along subtropical to alpine gradients in Tibetan Plateau. Global Ecology and Biogeography 13: 345-358

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Pan Y, McGuire AD, Melillo JM, Kicklighter DW, Sitch S, Prentice IC. 2002. A biogeochemistry-based successional model and its application along a moisture gradient in the continental United States. Journal of Vegetation Science 13: 369-382

Pan Y, Williams D. 2002. Carbon accumulation in US forests: the effect of changing environmental conditions? ESA Bulletin 83(1): 87-89

Pan Y, Melillo JM, Kicklighter DW, Xiao X, McGuire AD. 2001. Modeling structural and functional responses of terrestrial ecosystems in China to changes in climate and atmospheric CO2. Acta Phytoecologica Sinica 25(2): 175-189

Jenkins, JC, Birdsey RA, Pan Y. 2001. Potential biomass and NPP estimation for the Mid-Atlantic region (USA) using forest inventory data. Ecological Application 11(4): 1174-1193

Pan Y. 2000. Plant functional types: their application to ecosystem properties and global change. Ecological Engineering 16(2): 305-307

Pan Y, Melillo JM, McGuire AD, Kicklighter DW, Pitelka L, and VEMAP members. 1998.Modeled responses of terrestrial ecosystems to elevated Atmospheric CO2: A comparison of simulations by the biogeochemistry models of Vegetation / Ecosystem Model and Analysis project (VEMAP). Oecologia 114: 389-402

Pan Y, McGuire AD, Kicklighter DW, Melillo JM. 1996. The importance of climate and soils for estimates of net primary production: A sensitivity analysis with the terrestrial ecosystem model. Global Change Biology 2: 5-23

VEMAP Members (including Pan Y). 1995. Vegetation/Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project: Comparing biogeography and biogeochemistry models in continental-scale study of terrestrial ecosystem responses to climate change and CO2 doubling.Global
Biogeochemical Cycles 4: 407-437

Pan Y, Raynal DJ. 1995. Predicting growth of plantation conifers in the Adirondack Mountains in response to climate change. Can. J. For. Res. 25: 48-56p

Pan Y, Raynal DJ. 1995. Decomposing tree annual volume increments and constructing a system dynamic model of tree growth. Ecol. Modeling 82: 299-312