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Kevin McCullough
GIS Specialist

Kevin McCullough608.231.9564
608.231.2398 (fax) (e-mail)

Forest Products Laboraotry
One Gifford Pinchot Dr.
Madison, WI 53726

B.A. Geography, University of Delaware
M.S. Agriculture Economics, University of Delaware

Masters Thesis: "A Hedonic Analysis of Landscape Patterns." Examined the influence of census data, LULC maps, satellite imagery, landscape ecology, and GIS data layers on housing values. Nominated for the Northeastern Agriculture and Resource Economics Association Best MS Thesis award. Used Arcview, Grass, Splus, and Spacestat.

Teaching Assistant, Department of Food and Resource Economics (FREC), University of Delaware. Lone department assistant helped all faculty with the teaching of their various curricula. Concentrated on teaching GIS, GPS, HTML, Web Page design, and Unix management. (September 1998/May 1999)

"Delaware Land Use Transitions 1984-1992." Researched the changes occurring to the landscape in the state by the use of GIS methods. Used ArcView, ArcInfo, & Grass GIS. Presented results at Towson University's 11th annual GIS Conference. (June 1998)

Research Graduate Assistant, FREC, University of Delaware. Converted Nature Conservancy data on rare and Endangered Species for use in ArcView and Grass GIS. Converted Delaware Freshwater Wetlands Pilot Project data into ArcInfo and Grass GIS. Delineated watershed boundaries for the state of Delaware for use in ESRI products and Grass GIS. (Fall 1997/May 1998)

GIS Instructor, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Richard Stockton College, Pomona, New Jersey. Developed and taught 1/2 day introductory seminar on GIS to the department faculty and students using Arcview GIS. (Spring 1997)

GIS Analyst, FREC, University of Delaware. Technician responsible for the production of LULC maps from satellite imagery and auxiliary forms of data on Atlas and Grass GIS systems. (June 1995/September 1995)

Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics, Geostatistics, & GIS