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The US Geological Survey (USGS), US Forest Service (USFS), the National Park Service (NPS), and other agencies are implementing a prototype environmental monitoring strategy that will link air quality, hydrological and forestry information across the landscape of the Delaware River Basin.

The initiative follows the "Framework for Environmental Monitoring and Related Research" proposed by the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the Committee on Environmental and Natural Resources (CENR).

The CENR Framework links existing intensive ecological research and monitoring stations, regional surveys, remote sensing programs, and fixed site monitoring networks in order to track complex environmental issues at a range of spatial and temporal scales.

The CENR framework promotes environmental monitoring across agencies, scales, and environmental resources (As seen below).

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Regionalization Hierarchy

If successful, the initiative will serve as a template for a national long-term collaborative strategy for understanding complex environmental issues and monitoring environmental health.

The initiative will revolve around 5 issue based studies and two integrating activities that in combination will create a long-term, multi-component, and multi-scale ecosystem monitoring strategy for the complex landscapes of the Delaware River Basin.

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