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FIA Symposium (New Orleans, La. November 2003)

Yellow BallCEMRI Introduction by Peter Murdoch (4.95 MB)

Red BallMulti-scale assessment of the Extent and Effects of Soil Calcium Depletion and Forest Harvesting in the Delaware River Basin by Peter Murdoch (6.91 MB)

Yellow BallCalcium Depletion and Effects on Tree Health by Wally Shortle (3.27 MB)

Red BallEffects of Urbanization and Forest Fragmentation on Water Quality by Rachel Riemann (12.17 MB)

Yellow BallLinking Local-Scale Process Data with Landscape-Scale Indicators by Ken Stolte (4.34 MB)

Red BallEffects of Rising Nitrogen Deposition on Forest Carbon Sequestration and N losses in the Delaware River Basin by Yude Pan (9.35 MB)

Yellow BallDiscussion Topics – Delaware River Basin Pilot Project by Richard Birdsey (3.66 MB)

Other Presentations

Yellow BallCEMRI Update to DRBC Monitoring Advisory Committee Meeting (16.68 MB)

Red BallLarge-scale Validation of Carbon Stock and Flux Estimates from Remote Sensing as presented to NASA (5.5 MB)

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