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1-School of Forest Resources, Pennsylvania State University 16802. 2-Environmental Resources Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University 16802. 3-USDA Forest Service, NEFES, University Park, PA 16802.

Application of a variety of two-dimensional interpolation algorithms to precipitation chemistry data gathered at scattered monitoring sites for the purpose of estimating precipitation- born ionic inputs for specific points or regions have failed to produce accurate estimates. The accuracy of these estimates is particularly poor in areas of high topographic relief. Because wet deposition of pollutants is a function of both the ionic concentration of precipitation and precipitation volume and because the local distribution of precipitation can be strongly influenced by terrain, incorporation of orographic effects into the wet deposition modeling process should markedly improve the accuracy of estimated depositions. This presentation describes progress made in the development and application of a model which utilizes topographic features for the purpose of estimating wet deposition of major ions for any portion of the region encompassed by U.S. Forest Service Northern Global Change Research Program (NGCRP).